How to write an argumentative essay

There are several key steps to follow to write an argumentative essay. First, choose a topic that you are interested in and about which you have your own position. Next, identify the main arguments that support your point of view. Support each argument with specific facts and examples.

Remember to consider counterarguments and respond to them to strengthen your argument. Use logic and understanding of the audience to present ideas persuasively. Structure your essay properly, including an introduction where you state your topic, thesis, and main arguments.

In the main body, develop your arguments by providing evidence. End the essay with a conclusion, summarizing your main ideas and emphasizing the importance of your position. Use clear and specific language, avoiding abstractions and general statements.

Don’t forget to edit and proofread to ensure the quality of your writing. With these steps, you will be able to write a persuasive argumentative essay, presenting your ideas logically and persuasively.

What is an argumentative essay?

In an argumentative essay, writers must present strong and valid arguments to support their position. The author must also acknowledge the opponent’s argument and provide strong reasons to reject it. Argumentative essays require extensive research and in-depth analysis to ensure that the arguments made are sound and based on facts. 1. Use of language: Does the author use precise and accurate language? Does the author use the right words to convey their ideas? 2. Structure: Does the essay have a clear and logical structure? Does the paragraph contain one main idea and is supported by examples, analogies, or other evidence? 3. Logic: Does the argument make sense and is supported by strong evidence? Does the argument have valid premises and a logical conclusion? 4. Subject knowledge: Does the author have a deep understanding of the topic? Do they cite important facts and provide relevant examples to support their arguments?

  • Research skills
  • Writing ability
  • Analytical ability

This paper can also help students develop critical thinking skills. They have to analyze the available information and make logical arguments to support their thesis. It also helps them develop the ability to identify and respond to opposing arguments. Thus, they can learn how best to convince others of their views.


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Argumentative essay elements

Position : It is important to determine which side of the argument you take. For example, you might argue that tobacco or marijuana products should be made illegal. Make a point of expressing why you took your initial position. For example, you could provide good reasons to show how tobacco products might damage people’s health.

Proof : This is where you have to provide factual proof of your reasons from outside resources. It’s important to provide citations and references for where you collected your evidence. If there is no evidence, the evidence may not count. For example, you could cite health studies or scientific papers relating to the impact of tobacco products on people’s health to prove your statement.

Counterarguments. : This is where you need to present the other side of the issue. Give your opponent’s argument from your point of view. After stating these counterarguments, you must state why they are wrong, weak, or ineffective by providing further evidence.

3 ways to approach argumentative writing

1. Analyze Your Thesis: First, you must determine the main thesis of your argumentative essay. This is an argument that you will make and prove through the use of facts, examples and logic. Once you have defined your main thesis, you must analyze it carefully to ensure that it stands on solid foundations. 2. Make an Outline: After determining your main thesis, the next step is to make an outline for your argumentative essay. This outline will help you plan how the essay structure will look like and how each paragraph will relate to one another. 3. Writing the Essay: Once the outline is ready, the next step is to write the essay itself. Be sure to use lots of examples and facts to support your argument and also make sure to conclude with a strong conclusion that encourages the reader to agree with your opinion.

The Classical Approach

INTRODUCTION Where do you introduce the main message of your paper (thesis statement). Example: Tobacco products can induce a variety of health problems, including cancer, heart attack, and obesity.

Subject background Where you introduce early studies of children who have grown up in an adoption environment. Here you can also talk about the long-term effects of smoking.

Main argument. – Talk about the main points of your position. For example, you could write about feelings of addiction that make it difficult to quit smoking.

Disclaimer – This is where your counterargument falls into place. Introduce the opposite side you need to refute as invalid. Example: Some people think that smoking does not affect one’s health and that genetic predisposition is more likely to cause problems for one’s health. However, there is major evidence to suggest that smoking can cause greater long-term damage to the lungs than a genetic predisposition to cancer.

Conclusion – present all the main arguments and provide solutions or studies that need to be done in the future.

 The Rogerian approach

The Rogerian approach to writing an argumentative essay is characterized by its originality and focus on finding common points of view with the opponent. This method, named after the psychologist Carl Rogers, is designed to create an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding.

Start by getting to know your opponent’s point of view and identifying common ground. In the introduction, present the main problem and indicate the need to find a compromise. Next, outline the positions of both sides, focusing on shared beliefs.

In the main body, develop your argument, adding your opponent’s arguments and noting where you agree. Try to avoid being aggressive and use empathy in your speech. Conclude the essay by emphasizing the importance of finding a common solution and possible compromise.

This approach is recommended in those situations where the conflict of the topic is high, and when achieving common understanding and cooperation is more important than proving that you are the only one right.

Toulmin’s approach

You can highlight the benefits of legalizing drugs, such as reducing crime and helping people with illnesses. On the other hand, you can also highlight the dangers associated with legalizing drugs, such as increased drug use and health risks. By looking at the issue objectively, you can find common ground for your polemical argument.

Steps to write your argumentative essay

Writing an argumentative essay involves a systematic process to effectively communicate your perspective on a contentious issue. Begin by selecting a compelling topic, ensuring it’s debatable. Conduct thorough research to gather credible evidence supporting your stance. Craft a concise thesis statement to guide your essay.

Create an outline to organize your thoughts, dividing the essay into introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Start the introduction with a captivating hook, provide background information, and state your thesis clearly. The body paragraphs should each focus on a distinct argument, supported by evidence and examples. Address counterarguments respectfully and refute them logically.

Transition smoothly between paragraphs using appropriate words and phrases. In the conclusion, summarize key points, restate your thesis differently, and emphasize the significance of your argument. Avoid introducing new information.

Editing is crucial; review for clarity, coherence, and grammar. Ensure each paragraph contributes to the logical flow. Seek peer feedback to gain diverse perspectives and make necessary revisions. By following these steps, you’ll create a compelling and well-structured argumentative essay that effectively conveys your viewpoint on the chosen topic.

Example of argumentative essay

The truth is that the freedom to attack public workers is of invaluable value. By allowing people to express their views on public works, we give them the right to speak and have an opinion. This allows people to express their opinions openly and honestly, without fear of punishment or discrimination. Thus, it provides space for the government to hear the voice of its people and make better decisions. Moreover, by allowing people to attack public workers, we also give them the right to fight injustice. When someone feels that a public worker has done something wrong or unfair, he can easily voice it and push the government to take further action. This can ensure that public workers are kept under scrutiny and questioned so as not to exceed the limits set by law. However, it is important for all of us to remember that attacks on public workers must be carried out in a proper and civilized manner. The words chosen must be objective and focus on the problem not on a particular individual. It is also important for all of us to remember that attacks on public workers must be based on facts and not rumors or speculation. In this way, we can ensure that any attack on public workers is genuinely relevant and deserves government attention.