This poem also contains many moral and ethical values ​​that are still relevant today.

Beowulf is the main character in the old English epic of the same name. He is a hero who vanquished the monsters named Grendel and Grendel’s Mother, and helped the kingdom of Geatland fight the pirate king Breca. Beowulf also helps Hrothgar, king of Denmark, defeat a monster called the Fire Dragon. Beowulf is a tough and brave leader. He is respected by everyone around him for his courage and ability to solve problems in the right way. Beowulf is also very loyal to his friends and is ready to protect them from any threat. Apart from Beowulf, there are several other important supporting characters in this epic. Wiglaf is Beowulf’s closest friend and one of his most loyal followers. He helped Beowulf fight the Fire Dragon and eventually became ruler of Geatland after Beowulf’s death. Unferth is a political enemy of Beowulf who wants to destroy his reputation at any cost, but in the end he must accept Beowulf’s victory over the Fire Dragon. Hrothgar is the king of Denmark who enlists Beowulf’s help in defeating Grendel and Grendel’s Mother, and gives him a large gift in return. Hygelac was king of Geatland before Beowulf and his adoptive father; he gives lots of advice on how to be a good leader for Beowulf.

Beowulf Character Analysis.

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“Beowulf called his name in a powerful voice, and he bravely stepped forward to fight the monster. He knew that he would not return to his home if he failed. Beowulf took his sword and began the battle.” Besides courage, Beowulf is also known as a tough leader. He is respected by his people and is considered an example for them. He is also fiercely loyal to his parents and his people, and is ready to protect them with his own life. In the text we find narratives like these describing the nature of his leadership: “Beowulf was a good and brave leader. He gives wise advice to his people, and he is ready to protect them with his own life.”

“Beowulf”, lines 2456-2461″ when he came to me
I mean standing, not running from his shooting
Fire, stand until fate decides
Which one of us wins. My heart is firm,
My hands are calm: I don’t need heat

This shows that Beowulf is a brave hero and is ready to protect his people.

“I will face the enemy with my own strength.” Beowulf is a strong and brave hero, and he uses his powers to fight monsters that threaten his people. He also has other traits such as courage, determination, and the ability to think strategically. He is also very loyal to his people and is ready to make any sacrifices for them.

“Beowulf”, lines 602-605 “But the truth
It’s simple: no man swims in the sea
As much as I can, no power is a match for me”

He also defeats his mother Grendel easily, even though he is underwater. Beowulf also proves his bravery by confronting the wolf king and winning. He also proved his versatility in the same way. He used strategy to win the battle, and he succeeded. This is solid proof that Beowulf was not just a glory hunter, but a truly great man.

Beowulf is also known as a just and brave leader. He took sound and wise decisions, and he was highly respected by his people. He also helps others by giving gifts and gifts to those who have served his kingdom well.

Beowulf is a symbol of courage, strength and loyalty. He showed that a person can do extraordinary things if they dare to try. He also showed that people who dare will get good results, even if they have to face great risks.

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Wiglaf shows great courage and loyalty, and he manages to help Beowulf defeat the dragon. After the battle, Beowulf gives Wiglaf gifts as a reward for his fortitude and loyalty.

Beowulf, Lines 2666-68 “Your deeds are well-known, so stay firm, my Lord
Defend your life now with all your might.
I will support you. ”

Wiglaf, son of Wexstan, spoke in a firm voice: “I will be with you until the last minute. I will not leave you alone in the midst of enemies.” The two of them fight with a strong spirit, and Wiglaf protects Beowulf from enemy attacks. When Beowulf is mortally wounded, Wiglaf washes his wound and fulfills his last wish before his death. After Beowulf dies, Wiglaf is fully rewarded for his deeds. He is chosen as the next king of the gowns to continue the tradition loyal devotion that has been shown by Beowulf.”

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Grendel Character Analysis.

“That Grendel charges through the night, he comes from the desert to bring destruction to Hrothgar’s people. He had no mercy and invaded their dining table, killing warriors with his own hands.”

“Beowulf” lines 140-148 “The monster is enjoying its savage war
Above the Danes, keep the bloody strife
Live, not looking for peace, offers
No truce, no settlement, no price
In gold or land, and pay life
For one crime only with another. No one
Waiting for reparation from his plundering claws:
The shadow of death is hunting in the dark,
Stalking Hrothgar’s warriors. ”

Grendel’s mother

He also represents the anger and despair felt by those who have been abandoned by their loved ones.


Beowulf is the main character in the poem, a brave and loyal hero who comes to the Danes to help King Hrothgar defeat Grendel. Wiglaf is Beowulf’s loyal friend who helps him fight the dragon. Thane is subconsciously jealous of Beowulf’s success and tries to destroy him. Ecgtheow is Beowulf’s father who has given him lots of advice and instructions on how to live well. Grendel, the dragon and his mother are the beasts that Beowulf must face during his journey.

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