A complete guide to writing a top-notch gun control essay

You should make sure that you include quotes from the sources you use to support your argument. After that, you should conclude the essay by repeating the main opinion and providing solutions or recommendations on how the problem can be solved.

Gun control can help prevent unwanted use of weapons, such as the use of weapons for crime or armed conflict. It can also help reduce the number of deaths and injuries from gun use. In addition, there are also rules that prohibit the use of firearms in certain places such as airports and government buildings. In some states, there are also laws requiring people to have a license to carry firearms.

Side Choice Debate

  • Firearms regulation laws reduced the number of gun deaths;
  • The vast majority of guns used in crimes were legally obtained and not from arms dealers (up to 90% in the US);
  • And gun ownership increases the number of firearm accidents and domestic violence.
  • Possession of a gun is the best way to ensure self-defense;
  • Gun control isn’t going to change anything, it’s just going to increase the availability of guns through the black market;
  • And education about Guns and Gun Safety will be more effective than increasing firearms regulation.

Strong argument: The population of the United States is 319 million people and the number of firearms owned by US citizens is 371 million [resource link] -In, there are more guns than people. Weak argument: There are more guns than people in the US.

Strong argument: Studies conducted in Israel in 2010 showed that restricting access to weapons lowered suicide rates by 40%. Weak argument: Many studies show a link between gun control and reduced suicide rates.


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Gun Control Essay Types

  • Argumentative essay – This type of paper implies supporting your position with strong arguments. Writing this type of essay requires doing thorough research and gathering arguments from reliable sources and analyzing them.
  • Cause and effect essay – It implies describing the causes and results of something. In the case of gun control, a student may take a particular law, or event related to the topic, and highlight the cause and effect relationship of that law or event.
  • Definition essay – As the name suggests, this type of paper aims to define a problem or term to make it easy for readers to understand.
  • Expository essay – This type of paper requires deeper research and exposes the facts. You need to find deeper issues related to the topic and expose these issues to the reader. For example (with respect to gun control in particular), you could examine how the government has the advantage on the gun control debate.
  • Persuasive essay. – This type of paper has to convince the reader of something by appealing to facts, logic or emotion.
  • Reflection Essay – This type of paper requires the author to reflect his or her personal opinion or thoughts on their particular topic.
  • Annotated Bibliographical Essay – This type of paper attempts to research, analyze, and summarize available resources (such as books, journals, news reports, etc.) on a specific issue.

Argumentative essay on gun control

Logical: You must use reliable facts and data to support your argument. This includes using statistics, examples, and quotes from reliable sources. Ethical: You must ensure that your arguments are based on good moral values. This includes respect for human rights, social justice, and environmental justice. Emotional: You have to get people involved with your argument by using emotion as a persuasion tool. This includes using personal stories or real examples to evoke empathy and sympathy from listeners. Factual: You must ensure that all information submitted is true and accurate. This includes conducting sufficient research to ensure that all facts used are correct and up to date.
  • Classic argument. This type of argumentation implies using a five-discourse writing style which consists of introduction, narrative, confirmation (by providing valid facts from external sources), concession and rebuttal (which serve to reveal two sides of the debate), and conclusion.
  • Toulmin’s argument. This argumentation model implies that you have ground or data for claims that are directly backed up by trusted materials (e.g., news reports, academic resources, supporting arguments, etc.)
  • Rogerian argument. This type of argumentation implies the study of claims from both sides of an issue with the aim of finding common points and reaching mutual understanding. When writing an argumentative essay on the topic of gun control, this model of argumentation is one of the best approaches you can choose.
Answers: 1. Gun control should be tightened to reduce violence because the use of firearms can cause unnecessary damage and death. By limiting access to firearms, it is more difficult for people to commit acts of violence using them. 2. Yes, strict gun control will help reduce gun fatalities because it is more difficult for people to have access to firearms and they cannot launch attacks as easily. 3. Gun control can help prevent mass tragedies by limiting who can have access to firearms and how they can use them. This meant that only government-approved persons could own and use firearms, reducing the risk of mass tragedy. 4. Yes, strict gun control will increase the level of security throughout the country because people can’t easily get access to firearms and they can’t launch attacks easily. 5. The government can ensure that the law on gun control is complied with by all persons
  • Gun Control Laws Vs. Crime Rate: Does one really affect the other?
  • Why stricter rifle limitations won’t help reduce mass shootings
  • Does gun control help reduce crime in the US?
  • Handgun restriction laws need to be stricter
  • Does gun control make people unable to defend themselves?
When you finish your essay, be sure to check back and make sure that all spelling and grammar errors have been corrected. Also, make sure to check that you have used the right words and are appropriate to the topic being discussed. This will help you avoid mistakes that may occur when writing your essay. After you’ve finished writing your essay, be sure to look it over again and make sure that all of the information presented was completely accurate. Don’t forget to look back at the end of your essay to make sure all the important points were made correctly. This will help you avoid mistakes that may occur when writing your essay.

How to Choose Good Gun Control Topics

You can also find information about how gun control differs around the world and compare regulations in other countries. By doing this, you will be able to conclude whether there is a better way to regulate gun control in the United States. 5. Topics that can grab the attention of your readers and make them interested in reading more. This will ensure that they stay engaged throughout your writing process.

  • Importance – Regardless of the type of essay you write, it is very important to focus on subject matter that is important and relevant.
  • Attachment – A good topic should be engaged for both you and your readers.
  • Size – A good topic should be just the right size for the length of your paper. It is very important to ensure that you will not have too much or too little to say on the chosen topic for the given number of words/pages.
  • precision – A good topic must be accurate and specific. For example, the topic “reasons why gun control is good” is too broad, while the topic “Stricter gun control laws in the US can minimize social risks” is more specific.
  • Relevance to your thesis – It is very important to make sure that the topic you choose fits your thesis. For example, if you are going to focus on the facts why gun control is good in your paper, your topic should be PRO GUN control as well.
  • Uncertain – A good topic should be controversial – meaning there should be both arguments for and against it. You need to study both sides of the issue. Speaking of gun laws in particular, you have to learn the good and bad things about gun control.

Pro-gun control essay topics

  • Why gun control laws are good: Tighter regulations reduce gun-related deaths
  • The availability of firearms for sale increases the number of cases of domestic violence
  • Tighter gun control laws will help keep crime to a minimum
  • Gun possession promotes youth violence
  • Does gun accessibility affect youth suicide?

Anti-Gun Control Essay Topics

  • Against Gun Control Facts: It’s not guns that kill, it’s people
  • Top 5 arguments against gun control
  • Gun ownership is the most effective way to ensure one’s safety
  • Strong argument against gun control: Tighter gun control laws will stimulate the growth of the black market and illegal arms trade
  • What’s hidden under the cover of the gun control debate