Once you have completed your research, you can start writing your introduction. It should contain a clear and concise introductory sentence about the topic you are going to cover. Also, be sure to include relevant background information on the topic. This will help the reader understand the issue you are discussing. Also, don’t forget to include the main points of your work here – this will give readers an overview of what they’ll be reading next.

What is a research paper?

Research papers usually begin with an introduction to the topic and background, followed by a description of the methods used to collect data. After that, the authors must present their findings in tabular or graphical form. Finally, the research paper should summarize the results and provide suggestions for the future.

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Instead, you should write the rest of the essay first. Once you’re done with the other sections, you can come back and write your introduction. This will allow you to see the overall picture of the essay and create a more effective introduction.

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Introduction Paragraph Outline

Present the topic of your essay

Also, be sure to include some relevant references to help explain your topic. This will provide your audience with more information and make your presentation more credible.

Provide background information and context

Explain the importance of your research

You can also use citations to show that you have read and understand the relevant literature. This will give your readers the confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

I, [Name], am an experienced professional in [field]. I have completed several important projects for [company name] and have learned a lot from experts in this field. For example, I’ve learned about modern programming techniques from Dr. [Name], a leading computer expert; about the graphic design of Professor [Name], a graphic design expert; and about project management from Professor [Name], a project management expert. Apart from that, I have also used my knowledge to do some important work. For example, I’ve written a web application for [company name] with the help of modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I have also created graphic designs for their products with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Apart from that, I have also done project management to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and according to the set quality standards. All of this work gave me extensive experience in the field and allowed me to develop valuable skills. Thus, I believe I can provide additional value to your organization with the expertise I have.

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Create Your Rational Work

You should also explain how your paper differs from previous research, and why this is important. This will help readers understand the reasoning behind your paper and appreciate the topic you cover.

Show the importance of your research

Make sure your thesis is clear

The research introduction must present a relevant background on the topic under study. It should also explain why the topic is important and how the results of your research will help readers understand the topic better. The introduction should also include relevant key definitions, history, and theory to provide a better understanding of the topic. The introduction should also contain your thesis statement, i.e. your main argument or hypothesis about the topic. This thesis statement will be the starting point for making claims in the body of your essay.

If you’re wondering how to start a thesis statement for a research paper, we have you covered full guide.

1. Choose a topic that interests you and understands. 2. Determine the purpose of your research. 3. Find relevant references to support your argument. 4. Make a list of keywords to find more information about your topic. 5. Write down some initial ideas about your thesis statement. 6. Make a list of questions to help structure your main argument. 7. Arrange the main argument in the form of short paragraphs containing the main points of your thesis. 8. Check your writing again and make sure that all points have been stated clearly and accurately according to the purpose of your research.

  • Remember, the thesis is your argument. Make sure it sounds firm.
  • Write two to three versions of your thesis and choose the best.
  • Share your thesis with neutral people – to get a different point of view.
  • Discuss your thesis with others; They probably have great ideas too.
  • It will appear in your Introduction, and be restated in yours Conclusion .

Title Paper Research Page

MLA Title Page.

1. Begin by writing your title in the center of the page, written in large, bold letters. 2. After the title, write your name below it, along with the completion date. 3. Make a table of contents containing all the main sections of your paper. It should start with the page number and the title of each section. 4. Write a brief abstract at the top of the next page that describes the theme and purpose of your paper. 5. Write an introduction explaining the background of your research and the reasons why it is important to research. 6. Make a bibliography containing the sources you have used to support your argument in the paper. 7. Write the body of your paper by dividing the information into several sub-sections according to the main topic of the paper. 8. End the paper with a brief summary of what you have learned during the research process and how the results can be used by others in the future. 9. Make sure to format all text according to MLA standards, including font, font size, line spacing, etc.

  • The title page is double spaced and the text needs to be centered.
  • Write down the name of your university or college.
  • Skip about a third of the way down and type in the title of your research paper – include subtitles if you have them.
  • Skip a few lines down and type in your name, your course name and number, your instructor’s name, and your paper due date.
MLA Title Page Example

APA Title Page.

  • Place a flowing head in your page header:
  • Use the “Running Head:” label. Then, place your short title (in all caps), and align everything to the left.
  • Place page numbers in this same header, but align to the right, and start with page number 1.
  • The header should be 1 inch from the top. Some gurus say 1/2 inch is fine too.
  • Place your paper title at the top of the page, centered. Capitalize the first letters of all important words in your title.
  • Place your university name below your name, double spaced.
APA Title Page Example

Final thoughts

1. What is the purpose of your research? My research aims to identify and understand the factors that influence social behavior. 2. How will you collect the data? I will collect data through surveys, interviews, and document analysis. 3. What method of analysis will you use? I will use descriptive and quantitative methods to analyze the data that I have collected. 4. How will the results of your research be used? The results of my research will be used to help social scientists understand social behavior and how it can be changed or modified for better results.

  • Are all your quotes, paraphrases, and summaries accurate?
  • Are all your references accurate?
  • Is your format the correct format set by your instructor?
  • Are all the concepts defined and easily understood by the average reader?
  • Is your “hook” good enough for the reader to be interested?
  • Is there a structure for your introduction that is easy to navigate for the reader?
  • Does your Introduction give you a good idea of ​​what your paper is about?

1. Make sure you have a clear plan for your goals and objectives. This will help you determine the steps to take to get there. 2. Make a daily to-do list and prioritize your work based on their urgency. This will help you stay focused on what’s important and avoid overdoing it. 3. Look for ways to reduce stress, such as meditation or yoga, or do something fun like listening to music or playing games. This will help you stay calm and focus on your work. 4. Don’t forget to rest and rest regularly to keep your body and mind healthy and productive. 5. Use time management tools like calendars, notes, or phone apps to help you manage your time better. 6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from others if needed; this can make the job easier for you and others around you can also learn something from the process!

  • Avoid homonyms, such as lie (to lie) / lie (to tell falsehood), average (average) / average (not good), kind (type) / kind (care), etc.
  • Introduce direct quotes, spacing, and punctuation properly.
  • Don’t forget to find and correct punctuation and sentence errors.
  • Watch out for commas, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences.

Example of Preliminary Research Paper

Example 1: In this paper, we investigate how information technology can be used to increase the efficiency of business processes. We conducted research at a manufacturing company with the aim of identifying and evaluating different ways to improve business processes. We also analyze the impact of information technology on productivity and efficiency. Our results show that the implementation of information technology can significantly increase the efficiency of business processes. Example 2: This paper aims to study the influence of social media on online shopping behavior. This research was conducted using an online survey distributed to respondents in the United States. The results show that social media has a significant influence on online shopping behavior, with people being more likely to view new products and brands through social media than any other source. These results provide important insights into how social media can be used by companies to promote their products and influence customer behavior.

Example of a Research Paper Introduction: Should parents be held responsible for their children’s criminal acts?
More recently, youth gang attacks have been occurring in increasing prevalence, with some even leading to death, such as the murder of a university student in an eastern suburb. Such incidents have left many wondering about the origins of the violent act, with much of the blame being placed on the parents of the teens. However, one has to question whether parents should be punished for their children’s transgressions.

Some people believe that parents should be held accountable for the criminal acts of their offspring because parents are largely responsible for the education and upbringing of their children, and often have an impact on the actions and behavior of their children until they become adults and independent. This is because they are almost always the ones who raise their children after birth. Thus, it is believed that parents begin to influence the ethical reach of their children from a young age, and that a person’s ethics are critically affected by the way parents act and their personality.
(Gratz, 169).

This logic can make parents responsible for their children if they make a mistake later – because they are understood to not raise their child the right way. Furthermore, there is an argument that children are almost completely controlled by their parents, because they tend to want to make their parents happy, and therefore they will listen to whatever they are told or how they are told to behave (Michael, Andrew and Michael, 4 ). This, in turn, leads many to think that parents should always be the ones to blame for their children’s criminal acts, as they believe they have the power to warn and control them.

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The research paper’s introduction should include background, objectives, and hypotheses. The background gives the reader an idea of ​​the topic you are researching. The goal is to explain what you hope to achieve with this research. A hypothesis is a theory or assumption that you will use to prove or disprove your research results. After the introduction is complete, you should move on to the methodology part. Methodology is an important part of a research paper because it determines how you conduct your research and collect data. It also contains information about the sample population, study design, instruments used, and data analysis procedures. Then, you should move on to the results and discussion section. Results contain the findings from your research; The discussion focuses on the interpretation of the findings and their implications for specific fields of study. If necessary, you can also include tables or graphs to visualize the findings. Finally, the conclusion is an important part of a research paper as it provides a brief summary of the results and their implications for a particular field of study. If necessary, you can also include recommendations for problems identified by your research results. So those are some things to consider when writing a research paper. Remember that Trusted Paper Writing Services are always ready to help you with other academic tasks too!

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