100 research paper topics and how to choose one to write about

A good topic should be interesting, relevant and have enough information to make a useful research paper. This can be a challenging task because you have to find the right topic and do some research to make sure there is enough information to support your argument.

To overcome this problem, students must have the right strategy to choose a topic. First, students must investigate the various topics available and decide which ones best suit their interests. Second, students must do in-depth research on the topic to ensure that they can write a strong and informative essay. Third, students should look to other resources such as textbooks, scientific journals, and online articles to find more information about the topic. Finally, students should discuss with their teacher or mentor for input on how best to complete their thesis. With this strategy, students can easily choose the thesis topic that will bring them the best results.

1. Make a list of topics that interest you. This will help you filter out those topics that are not compatible with your interests and interests. 2. Find out about topics related to your field of study. This will help you find relevant and useful topics for your research. 3. Read articles, books, and other sources for more information on these topics. This will help you understand more deeply about these topics before choosing one of them to be your research theme. 4. Discuss ideas with others, including friends, mentors, or experts in your field of study. They may be able to provide important input on how to better and more effectively solve this problem. 5. Don’t hesitate to ask experts in your field of study if there are things that you don’t understand or don’t understand about a particular topic. 6. Make sure that the topic chosen is in accordance with the research objectives and the time available to do it effectively and correctly.

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper

1. Start by identifying your area of ​​interest. Are you interested in social, political, economic or technological fields? Is there a particular topic that interests you? 2. Look for information on the topic you have identified. Read the latest news and scientific articles to get new ideas and find out what’s being talked about in academia today. 3. Find the problem you want to solve through your research. It can be a social, political, economic or technological problem that you wish to solve through your research. 4. Make a list of questions about the problem your research aims to solve. This will help you structure relevant and interesting research topics to work on. 5. Look to other resources for more information on the topic and look for empirical evidence to support the hypotheses or conclusions your research will draw. 6. Don’t forget to check scientific journals and other academic publications for new ideas and additional information on the topic. 7. After all the steps above have been done, try to formulate a hypothesis or conclusion that will be made by your research and arrange relevant and interesting research topics based on your hard work!

1. Observe your interests

It is also important to choose a topic that is relevant to your field of study, as this will help you find the right resources and information to support your research. In addition, make sure that the chosen topic can still be researched in an effective and efficient way.

My interests are technology, politics and art. I would choose technology as the topic that can generate the most interest. I will divulge this topic by discussing how technology has changed over time and how it has affected our society. I will also explore how technology can be used to help people around the world and how it can be used to improve their quality of life. My voice is that technology is a very useful tool to help people around the world, but it must be used with care so as not to create new problems.

Instead, look for topics that interest you and interest you. This will help you stay focused and excited while writing your research essay.

2. Make sure you have enough information to write a paper

You have to make sure that there is enough information available to make your topic interesting and relevant. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling to find the information necessary to make your writing comprehensive. In addition, if the available information is limited, it may hinder your ability to provide a unique view or in-depth analysis of the topic. You can also use existing resources to help you write your research paper. This includes looking at how others have written their papers, and studying how they structure their information. Thus, you can create your own research paper more easily. You should choose a topic that is specialized enough to generate useful information. Some examples of more specific research topics are: the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education in Indonesia; the influence of digital technology on online shopping behavior in Indonesia; and the legal implications of using blockchain in the financial industry.

Additional Tips

1. Relevance: Make sure that the topic you choose is relevant to your field of study and has a significant contribution to the discipline. 2. Availability of Resources: Ensure that the resources needed to complete the research paper are available and easily accessible. 3. Unique: Choose a topic that is unique and has never been discussed before, or takes a new perspective on an existing topic. 4. Engagement: Find a topic that you will be interested in and excited to do more research on.
  • Relevance – The topic chosen must be relevant to potential readers;
  • Specification. – The goals (as well as the expected results) of your studies must be focused and clear;
  • Importance – A good topic should bring value and impact to your field of study – or society as a whole;
  • Trendiness thing – Trending topics tend to spark more interest among readers due to their unexplored potential;
  • Authenticity – It is important to focus your work on something that has not been researched before to ensure scientific novelty and originality.


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100 examples of interesting research paper topics

1. How has technology affected communication between people?

2. What is the social impact of social media?

3. How has climate change affected marine ecosystems?

4. What causes poverty in developing countries?

5. How has technology affected learning in schools?

6. What is the impact of global politics on world economic stability?

7. How has technology affected the entertainment industry?

8. What causes gender inequality around the world?

9. How has technology influenced business decision-making?

10. What are the environmental impacts of using fossil energy?

College research paper topics

1. How do you prepare yourself for the task of writing a research paper? 2. What should be considered when choosing a topic for a research paper? 3. How to identify available resources to support research? 4. What are the benefits of using different data collection techniques? 5. How to analyze and conclude research results? 6. What should be considered when writing a final research report? 7. How to present research results effectively?

  1. Tutor Competency Exam Degree Requirements only
  2. Separation of Church & State regarding the contribution of religion to the public good
  3. Justice for families who have to pay twice for education
  4. Drug & alcohol abuse among adolescents
  5. High pregnancy rate among college girls
  6. Desire to commit suicide while studying in college
  7. The right to choose a student’s trusted course is important
  8. Ability to skip useless classes
  9. The reason why young teens in the United States should adopt the British habit of running “Gap Years” between high school & college
  10. College Education and Funding

Topic of high school research paper

1. How has technology affected the way students learn? 2. What is the impact of the increasing use of social media among adolescents? 3. What are the benefits of online learning programs for high school students? 4. How have education policies changed as technology has developed? 5. What is the effect of increased access to information on the internet on student behavior? 6. How does popular culture influence adolescents’ views of their own identity? 7. What is the impact of the increase in the number of people working part time in secondary schools? 8. How should the secondary school curriculum be adapted to future needs? 9. What is the effect of the use of high technology in the classroom on student learning outcomes? 10. How can digital skills be used to help students learn better and faster?

  1. Bilingual education compared to traditional approaches
  2. Policing Public Schools
  3. Corporal Punishment Permit
  4. Placement by age & placement by skill
  5. Students with disabilities should not study with their peers
  6. Problems related to bullying in US high schools
  7. Teacher Demands Against Teaching Becomes Service Jobs
  8. Are there no children left behind acting work?
  9. Is the standard English test efficient?
  10. What are the main reasons for class inflation?

Psychology research paper topics for college students

To explore the possibilities of psychology ideas, you must read and research relevant papers. When you quote from this paper, be sure to use the What or MLA format. The What format requires the author to provide information about the article title, author name, year of publication, and source. The MLA format requires the same information as the What format, but it also requires information about the page from which the citation was taken.

  1. Mental disorders, including self-harm and cutting
  2. Eating Disorders in the US Community & Childhood Obesity
  3. Tourette’s Syndrome: Causes & Effects
  4. Exercising at work as a way to reduce stress levels
  5. Common sleep disorders and ways to fight them
  6. How can the patient’s family help manage schizophrenia?
  7. What are the biological and psychological roots of sociopathy?
  8. Is Electroshock a legal and effective treatment method?
  9. Recovery from coma on a mental level
  10. Describes the pros & cons of modern asylum

Science research paper topic

1. Analyze the data and draw conclusions from the results. 2. Make a hypothesis and test it through experiments or surveys. 3. Use statistical methods to analyze data and make predictions. 4. Conduct literature research to gather information about the topic under study. 5. Identify the variables that influence the problem under study. 6. Comparing research results with other theories in related fields to validate new findings. 7. Prepare clear, accurate, and systematic research reports to present new findings to relevant audiences.

  1. Stem cells to play an important role in the medical treatment of various diseases
  2. Forensic Science Technology
  3. Discussing alchemy and the ways it has been applied
  4. Barriers faced by scientists in breaking the sound barrier
  5. Nuclear energy: Opportunities & threats
  6. Technology is available to households to assist them in conserving energy
  7. The risks and possible adverse results of using nuclear power
  8. How can registered nurses save babies born before 27 weeks?
  9. How does breastfeeding improve baby health?
  10. Is confusing breast cancer effective?

Religion & Literature Research Paper Topics

1. To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee 2. 1984, George Orwell 3. The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger 4. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald 5. The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R Tolkien 6. Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte 7. Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte 8. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen 9. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , Mark Twain 10. The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck

  1. The reason why the Bible should be seen as literature
  2. Controversy regarding the authorship of Shakespeare
  3. The relationship between Dante and Virgil
  4. Exploring Divine Comedy as a World Work
  5. In-depth analysis of the structure of an unusual winter tale
  6. The religious significance of the Koran
  7. Compare Anna Karenina with Madame Bovary
  8. Dickens failed to write a serious romantic narrative in his novels
  9. One true religion
  10. Metaphysics in Donne’s poetry

Argumentative research paper topic

I support the side that states that governments should take further action to fight climate change. Climate change is a serious global problem and requires urgent action from all countries in the world. Governments must take concrete steps to combat climate change, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging the use of renewable energy, and promoting environmentally friendly agricultural practices. This will help reduce the devastating effects of climate change and provide long-term benefits for everyone.

  1. The unborn victim of violence
  2. Scientific evidence vs definition of viability
  3. Reasons to Support Euthanasia in Medical Practice
  4. The internet is making modern people smarter
  5. The Federal Government must regulate the information available on the Internet
  6. Body language is what matters in dating most Als
  7. Congressional Opposition to the President’s Filibuster
  8. HIV-infected people should receive free care
  9. Revoke SIM: Necessity and interpretation
  10. Animal protection is more important than business needs

The topic of a good US History research paper

United States of America: 1. Political developments in the United States since World War II. 2. History of civil rights in the United States. 3. How changes in technology have affected life in the United States. 4. How the first European settlers changed North American society. 5. History of the human rights movement in the United States. 6. How racial conflict has shaped culture and politics in the United States. 7. History of the struggle for women’s suffrage in the United States. 8. How the pandemic has affected people’s lives in the United States throughout its history. Around the World: 1. History of the spread of religion around the world from the 19th century to the present. 2. How did the industrial revolution impact global society in the 19th and 20th centuries? 3. History of the worldwide anti-racism and anti-discrimination movement from 1960 to the present? 4. How have pandemics affected global society throughout its history? 5. How has information technology impacted global society? 6.History of the struggle for human rights around the world from 1945 to the present? 7. How has colonialism shaped culture and politics in various countries? 8. The history of the development of the global economic system from the 20th century to the present?

  1. Blackwell’s companion to religion in the United States
  2. Revolution descended on North American agriculture
  3. American Agriculture: Its Social History
  4. On Least Lane: A Historical Perspective on US Culture
  5. American Political Dynamics: Approaches & Explanations
  6. Presidential Campaign & Self Image
  7. Market Revolution: Jacksonian US
  8. Shouts of Battle Freedom: Civil War Epoch
  9. Today’s Yankees: immigrants from Europe
  10. Guide to US women in the XIX century

Human Rights & Human Resources Paper Topics

1. An analysis of how our rights can be promoted in secondary schools. 2. How can high school students promote our rights through social media. 3. Study of how secondary school students can help encourage learning about our rights in their schools. 4. How high school students can actively participate in the movement to fight for our rights. 5. Study of how the culture and values ​​involved in defending our rights can be implemented in secondary schools.

  1. Discrimination in the workplace is the most significant problem of several contemporary companies
  2. Diversity in the workplace
  3. Ways to motivate employees to work harder
  4. Whistleblowing and issues related to it
  5. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): How they work
  6. Get rid of stress at work
  7. Every business’s benefits program is required to provide
  8. Impact of wages on employee productivity
  9. How businesses can adequately protect their personal information
  10. Strategy firms can be used to hire better quality staff

Law enforcement topics for research papers

This will help you cite the right and correct sources.

  1. Racial Discrimination: Reasons why people around the world feel racial injustice
  2. The way gender discrimination affects the enforcement of laws and regulations in place
  3. Things they should change to help officers to get to the crime scene faster
  4. A typical offense committed by a juvenile
  5. The impact of racial profiling on riots
  6. Border Patrol: How do people get illegal substances into their condition when crossing the border?
  7. Does the government contribute enough to guarantee the protection of the community?
  8. How do they detonate explosive equipment?
  9. The amount of time required for police officers to train
  10. Mass emergencies: steps to take

Business research paper topics

1. Human Resource Management 2. Accounting and Finance 3. Business Development 4. Marketing Strategy 5. Data Analysis and Statistics 6. Information and Communication Technology 7. Business Ethics and Business Law 8. International Economics 9. Operations Research and Logistics 10. Leadership and Negotiation

  1. Getting four generations to be nice to one another at work
  2. Adhering to the main rules of company law
  3. The features that define a true business leader
  4. Ensuring Positive Staff Relations
  5. Way to represent shareholders in a non-public company
  6. Small Business & Taxation
  7. Crowdfunding & Outsourcing: Contemporary Financing Techniques
  8. Advantages of running a small business
  9. The things that make young startups fail during the first few years
  10. Investing Company Assets in Charity: The Benefits

Final checklist

1. Choose a topic that interests you and is interested. 2. Find a topic that has a lot of resources to research. 3. Make sure that the topic chosen is still relevant to your field of study. 4. Find out if there has been any previous research on the topic and how it went. 5. Make sure that the topic chosen can be explained clearly and easily understood by others. 6. Consider the contribution that you will make through this research paper to the world of science or the general public. 7. Feel free to ask questions to experts in related fields for advice on the chosen topic.

  • Get together with other students, friends or family members to generate ideas. List each.
  • Pick the 3-5 most relevant concepts, read some general articles about each to pick your favorite and make sure there is related information you can use.
  • Make sure these topics are manageable and narrow.
  • Follow the guidelines set by your tutor.

1. How has technology affected human-to-human communication? 2. What are the social impacts of using social media? 3. How has technology affected learning in schools? 4. What are the economic impacts of globalization? 5. How has US foreign policy changed over the last decade? 6. What are the political impacts of international trade? 7. How has technology affected the entertainment industry? 8. What are the environmental impacts of infrastructure development? 9. How has technology affected financial markets? 10. What are the social and cultural impacts of international migration?