I want to join the program in this educational institution to broaden my knowledge and skills. I am determined to use the insights I gain to help others and improve my skills in my chosen field. In this way, I will provide added value to educational institutions by sharing the experiences and knowledge that I already have.


What is a statement of purpose

Don’t know how to make your statement Standout goals?

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7. Is there anyone else who can help you achieve this goal? 8. Is there another way to achieve this goal? 9. How will you know that you have achieved this goal? 10. Is there a way to ensure that these goals stay focused and focused throughout the process of achieving them?

  • Your lecture: The facilities, the community, the location, the core values ​​and how they reflect on you, and how this particular school’s program will benefit you.
  • Your destination: What has prompted you to seek out this program? Discuss your personal level of dedication, how much background you have in this discipline or field, and demonstrate the passion and effort you are prepared to put into your education.

How long is the statement of purpose

Statement of destination format

We strive to provide fast, precise and friendly customer service. We also strive to ensure that customers receive accurate and reliable information about our products. We also strive to ensure that customers are comfortable and satisfied with our services.

  • 12 point new Roman font (or similar);
  • 1 inch margins on all sides;
  • 1.5 line spacing;
  • Up to 2 pages in length;

I’m looking to continue my education at X University, Business Management Study Program. My goal is to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve a successful professional career in business management. I am interested in this program because it offers the opportunity to learn about various aspects of business management, including marketing strategy, finance and operations. I believe that my academic education and professional experience will help me achieve this goal. After conducting research on the school and course chosen, I am convinced that University X is the right place for me to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve my future academic and professional goals. With enthusiasm, I am ready to learn more about the topic at this school and how it will help to fulfill my future dreams.

How to start a statement of purpose

  1. Intro, paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and define your goals;
  2. Body, 2nd verse: What motivated you to pursue this path?
  3. Body, 3rd and 4graph: Explain why you are a suitable candidate for this program;
  4. Conclusion, Closing the paragraph: What are your goals in this area?

Statement of Purpose Example: I am looking to apply for the MBA program in cartoon animation at the University of Southern California for the spring of 2020. My motivation to study more Cartoon animation is somewhat connected to my daughter’s initial fascination with my screenwriting career. . I received my BFA in screenwriting in 2010 from Chapman University and became a screenwriter for cartoons right after graduation. After I became a father, I had an urge to help my teenage daughter get interested in filmmaking, which was inspired by learning about the life and early achievements of Steven Spielberg.

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Statement of purpose format – what do I write?

As an example, If you are applying for a painting and promptmaking program at San Diego State University’s School of Art and Design, it is very important to mention what kind of experience you have in drawing, and what skills you have in the design field. Obviously if you’re that major no one is going to teach you how to draw the basics, you have to have your own background and show the Admissions Board what you already have. Also, add what excites you about drawing and painting – is it self-expression? Do you make an effort to share your art with others? It can be anything. If you just be yourself and write from your heart, your statement of purpose will work great.

As an example, If you are applying as a teacher, your experience as a grocery store clerk has little relevance to that field, although explaining that the way you train and educate new cashiers does the best, presents you as a good teacher who can deliver impressive learning outcomes.

Questions the Admissions Committee expects you to answer

  • What academic direction did you choose and what were your goals in choosing it?
  • How did you find this college and why did you choose to apply?
  • If you applied to study abroad, why did you choose this country?
  • What background experience do you have in your chosen discipline?
  • What skills would you like to gain from pursuing this degree?
  • What are your post-graduation plans: Will you find a job with this degree or will you continue studying?
  • What are your expectations from the school and the program?
  • Is there a specific professor attending that you’re looking forward to? If yes, explain why.
  • How can your skills and experience contribute to the school?
  • What are your hobbies, interests or habits; What do you like as a person?
  • How do you think you will fit into the student community at this school?
  • How do school grades represent yours, or vice versa?
  • How do you stand out from other applicants?

You must demonstrate that you have the ability to work with a team and interact with others. You must also demonstrate that you can complete the assigned tasks on time and with good quality.

Writing Strategy Statement of Purpose


Avoid copying templates

6. I want to use my skills and knowledge to make positive changes in society. 7. I want to develop my skills in communicating, working together, and thinking critically to achieve the set goals. 8. I would like to broaden my view of the world through broad and deep interdisciplinary learning. 9. I would like to use my skills and knowledge to help others succeed in a particular field. 10. I want to learn how to think creatively and innovatively to solve problems around me.

Example of a bad statement: I am pleased to apply for the Master of Science program at the University of Vermont because I was interested in science from a very early age. I remember daydreaming in class about how I wanted to be a scientist/engineer.

A boy named John was very enthusiastic about learning science. He is always looking for new topics to study and experiments to do. He was inspired by scientists and wanted to follow in their footsteps. John is passionate about going beyond the boundaries set by others, and finds fulfillment in studying science. He read books on astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. He also watches tutorial videos on these topics on YouTube and takes notes on what he learns. John isn’t afraid to try his own experiments at home either. She has made several science projects using materials easily found in her home. For example, he once made a device to detect air temperature with the help of an ordinary thermometer and several other electronic components. He has also made a heliocentric model with the help of LED lights and some other mechanical parts. John was very enthusiastic about studying science because he felt that this was his way of achieving his goal: to become an influential scientist in the future. With all his hard work, John has managed to push the boundaries set by others and has found fulfillment in his own learning process.

Story is King

Example of a good statement: Working in an office has made me think about starting my own company. Since I was a kid, it’s been my dream to give something to the world. I am a very creative child. One day after work, I decided it was time for me to start looking for a business school where I could study to become a great entrepreneur.

Example of a good statement: I used to work in an office. Every day I would type for hours, arguing with a dissatisfied customer and assuring them that their problem would be taken care of in no time. One morning after work, I felt drained and decided to take a walk through my beautiful city. I found myself thinking, “I don’t want to work for anyone else. I want to start my own company. ” Wasting no time, I ran back home and started looking for a business school to apply to.

He also learns that he has to be brave to take risks and make the right decisions. Joe also learned that he must be open to receiving input and suggestions from others, as this will help him achieve his goals.

Be specific when talking about your accomplishments

When you write your cover letter, be sure to: 1. Use precise and clear language. Don’t use overly technical words or industrial jargon. This will make your letter difficult to read and ineffective. 2. Provide information about your background and work experience that is relevant to the position being applied for. Describe how you are suited for this job and how you can help the company succeed. 3. Show your interest in the company by stating the reasons why you are interested in working there. This will give them an idea of ​​your motivation and how you can contribute to the company’s success. 4. Include any professional or academic references relevant to the position you are applying for. These references will provide more information about your abilities and qualifications as a potential employee. 5. Pay attention to the correct use of punctuation, spelling and writing style when writing your job application letter so that it looks professional and easy to read by the recipient of the job application letter. With the above in mind, your job application letter will be more effective in showing recipients that you are the right person for the position!

Example: “Perhaps people don’t want to be loved so much as to be understood” explained George Orwell, author of 1984 – one of the many political books I varied for my honors thesis on political psychology.
To introduce my interest and aspirations in digital marketing, I offer a summary of my senior thesis which has earned me the 2007 Chancellor’s Award for excellence in marketing at the University of Vermont.

Don’t write the same statement of purpose for multiple schools

Harvard: I had spent most of my childhood in Zanzibar before moving to Middlesex, England. As a result, I have adapted to a multicultural environment from an early age. One of Harvard’s values ​​states “respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others,” and it fully reflects my upbringing and worldview.
Stanford: My multicultural upbringing has compelled me to research the world out of natural curiosity, and my working-class background has tempered me into the hard worker who always closes the deal. That’s why Stanford’s vision of “advancing our mission as a research university to serve as a place of enlightenment and freedom of thought and expression” completely mirrors mine.

Use a formal but conversational tone

I will also look for ways to share my knowledge and experiences with others, such as through blogs or social media.

Example Statement of Purpose

I will also look for opportunities to speak in front of other people, such as at classes or events related to my work. By doing these things, I believe that I can improve my communication skills with other people.

Statement of Purpose Example:

6. Provide opportunities for students to talk and share their opinions on the topics being taught. This will help them to increase their understanding of the topics.

View sample.
View sample.
Watching a child grow and develop thanks to your teachings is beautiful and indescribable. Some come to you eager to learn, while others are indecisive, slow learners. Nevertheless, each of them is an individual with a unique character and personality.

I wanted to be a teacher since elementary school. Being exposed to a socially and culturally diverse group of students has broadened my perspective on the world. In pursuing a Master of Arts degree, I aim to enrich my skills and turn my passion for teaching into a career.

Checklist for a statement of purpose

. 10. Make sure that your statement of purpose correctly reflects your organization’s values ​​and principles.

  • Introduce yourself;
  • Demonstrate your passion for the field of study;
  • Provide background on why you are involved in this field;
  • Describe your academic experience in this field;
  • Answer the questions the admissions committee wants to know as discussed in this article;
  • Say which classes or activities you look forward to in your studies;
  • Name your academic and extracurricular achievements;
  • Name your achievements in the fields: speeches, official publications, awards, etc .;
  • Name a problem you would like to solve in the world, if any;
  • Explain why you chose this particular school;
  • State specific reasons for applying to a location like this, subject, professor, etc.;
  • Use descriptive language and storytelling;
  • Avoid clichés like “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a doctor”;
  • Make sure your hooks are strong, and your conclusions leave a lasting impression;
  • Get feedback from at least three different sources before submitting your work (a family member, a friend, and a professor).

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