This novel tells the story of the love that rages between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, two children who grew up together in Wuthering Heights, a house in the mountains of Yorkshire. This story is filled with violence, betrayal and tragedy.

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Dia mengajarkan nilai-nilai moral dan etika yang baik kepada anak itu, yang membuatnya menjadi orang dewasa yang baik. Dia juga berusaha untuk melindungi anak-anak dari pengaruh buruk Hindley dan Heathcliff. Nelly Dean adalah seorang pendengar yang baik dan penuh kasih sayang, yang membuat banyak karakter merasa nyaman untuk berbagi cerita mereka dengannya.

“Catherine Earnshaw, sekarang Mrs. Linton, itu adalah wanita yang lembut dan halus.”

“Alih-alih liar yang liar, tanpa hormat melompat ke rumah, dan bergegas memeras kita semua terengah-engah, ada yang menyala dari kuda hitam tampan orang yang sangat bermartabat, dengan cincin cokelat jatuh dari penutup berang-berang berbulu, dan panjang Kebiasaan kain, yang menurutnya untuk bertahan dengan kedua tangan yang mungkin berlayar “.

Cathy mencintai Heathcliff dengan sepenuh hati, tetapi dia tahu bahwa dia tidak akan pernah bisa menikahinya. Dia memutuskan untuk menikahi Edgar Linton karena itu adalah pilihan yang lebih realistis dan akan memberinya kehidupan yang lebih baik. Meskipun demikian, Cathy tidak pernah benar-benar melupakan Heathcliff dan cintanya padanya.

Heathcliff muda dan Cathy di “Wuthering Heights”

Catherine Earnshaw adalah karakter utama dalam novel Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights. Dia adalah anak perempuan dari Mr. Earnshaw dan Mrs. Earnshaw yang tinggal di rumah Wuthering Heights. She fell in love with Heathcliff, their neighbor, and married Edgar Linton. After his death, his daughter, Catherine Linton, becomes a secondary character in the novel. Princess Catherine is the result of a marriage between Edgar Linton and Catherine Earnshaw. She grows up to be a beautiful and intelligent woman who falls in love with Heathcliff just like her mother before her.

Chapter IV. “… Wuthering Heights has “Earnshaw” carved on the front door. Are they old family?… Very old… and Hareton is the last of them, for our Miss Cathy is from us – I mean, from the lintons”

which caused him to become resentful of Heathcliff.

CHAPTER XVII. “…He spent the night drinking himself to death on purpose! We were broke in the morning, for we heard him sport like a horse;

Key Facts: Unlock The Earnshaw Family Drama

  • Catherine Earnshaw develops a close intimate relationship with her foster brother Heathcliff, while her older brother Hindley is jealous of this new family member and is very rude to Him.
  • Catherine decided to marry Edgar Linton – a boy from a neighboring aristocratic family. They were unsuccessful as a modeling couple and Cathy died giving birth to her daughter Catherine Linton.
  • Heathcliff blames everyone for not treating him the same and for trying to make the lives of everyone living in Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange miserable: he married Edgar’s sister Isabella just to prove that he too could coerce Princess Catherine. To marry his son Linton to own the rights to the family estate and his money that his father Edgar left him.
  • In the end, Heathcliff died and rejoined his beloved adopted brother while daughter Catherine developed a close relationship with son Hareton Hidley.

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Wuthering Heights summary.

This story begins when Catherine and Heathcliff grew up together in Wuthering Heights. They are sworn brothers, but they are like siblings. They are both very close and spend a lot of time together. However, as Catherine grew up, she fell in love with Edgar Linton and decided to marry him. This made Heathcliff angry and vengeful, which eventually led to lasting problems between the Earnshaws and the Lintons. When Catherine died, Heathcliff returned to Wuthering Heights seeking revenge against Edgar and his children. He also fled with their son, Hareton Earnshaw. He took over the house and began to torture Hareton physically and mentally until he no longer recognized himself. Finally, after meeting Lockwood, Hareton is able to free himself from Heathcliff’s clutches and start living freely again.

He also recounts how Heathcliff left the house after Mr. Earnshaw and returns after years to seek revenge on his jealous foster brothers. Nelly also tells how Heathcliff ended up marrying Catherine’s second wife, Isabella Linton, and how their son Linton Heathcliff ended up with the Earnshaws.

he insulted Catherine and called her a “proud woman”.

CHAPTER VII. “In other words, I should have wished for Edgar Linton’s big blue eyes and even a forehead… I did – and it wouldn’t do me any favors for them”

Catherine went through a long and arduous process of getting over the feeling of being betrayed by Heathcliff. He had to accept that Heathcliff would never return and decided to move on with his life without him. He must also face the pain caused by the betrayal. Catherine may have felt guilty for hurting Heathcliff by marrying Edgar, but she knew that was the only way for her to move forward. Finally, Catherine was able to forget her past and move on with Edgar.

Hindley became increasingly jealous and angry, and he began to treat Heathcliff viciously. He throws her out of the house and tries to prevent Catherine from seeing him.

Linton married Catherine and they had a daughter named Cathy.

“I won’t stand in their way anymore.”

CHAPTER XXXIII. “My old enemies have not beaten me; Now would be the perfect time to take revenge on their representatives: I can do it; And nothing can stand in my way. But where is the use? I care not to stand out: I cannot take the trouble to hands up! It sounded as if I had been working around the clock just to display a benevolent nature. Away from the creature: I have lost the faculty to enjoy their destruction, and I am too idle to destroy anything.”

. Wuthering Heights is an engaging and memorable novel, which will leave you enthralled by the tragic love story between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw.

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