Cause and effect papers are perfect for developing research and fact-checking skills. Also, cause and effect assignments make the authors apply analytical and critical thinking and use evidence to support their claims.

Therefore , if you have a number of the mentioned skills, congratulations - it will be easier for you to write such an essay. And if you’re still focusing on those personal qualities and don’t know where to start out, no worries! We’ll guide you on which is a cause and effect essay in order to boost your confidence and get right down to work.

Like any academic task, a cause and effect essay should follow formal recommendations on structure, style, formatting, and tone. It should be centered on facts and solid argumentation, so you wish to put the time and effort into research and logical development. The method is not as complicated because it sounds: read on to find out just how to craft a remarkable paper.

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What Is a Cause and Effect Essay

A cause and effect essay focuses on analyzing the reason behind something happening and exploring the results of the problem. In a way, this form of writing is similar to an argumentative essay. The author must show the interrelationship between your subjects under discussion. For example, one can answer fully the question "What facets exacerbate environmental issues? " or illustrate how poor eating habits influence our health.

To achieve this, one should participate in thorough research on the subject and comprehend the the inner workings of the given phenomenon. In other words, mcdougal should become an expert in the matter before explaining it to the audience.

When structuring this kind of essay, it is vital to get your readers knowledgeable about the subject;

identify the causes and explore them in detail;

address all the ensuing effects;

provide sufficient arguments to prove each statement;

summarize key points to leave a lasting impression.

Due to the intricate faculties, cause and effect essays often discuss scientific subjects. Yet, the writer's task is to express complicated concepts and phenomena in a straightforward, easy-to-grasp manner. The readers should be able to satisfy their curiosity. Ideally, they ought to have no questions left after going through the essay.

Since you understand just what is a cause and effect essay, let's learn more about the corresponding outline.

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Cause and Effect Essay Outline

"Why do I would like an outline to start with? " you could wonder. Well, every write-up should be logically organized whilst not to confuse the reader. The cause and effect essay outline allows determining just how to structure it in the absolute most appealing way while staying with academic requirements.

Suppose you get right down to composing an essay with out a plan. Even though it seems you've thought it through, your opinions might flow randomly. A few of your claims will look underdeveloped, while others will undoubtedly be misplaced. Because of this, you'll spend extra time fixing all those issues, and it'll be too difficult to meet certain requirements.

Alternatively, with an outline, you can spot structural inconsistencies right away. Besides, you can spare your effort: it certainly is easier to follow the existing guidelines than to create new some ideas. Another good thing about the outline is that you could edit your paper without changing huge chunks of text. Once you know you must stick to a particular plan, the procedure goes smoothly and with out a hassle.

Needless to say, you can start focusing on the cause and effect essay outline only after picking the topic. The peculiarities of the subject matter will influence the paper's structure. The outline includes the traditional paragraphs for the introduction and conclusion, however the essay's human body may vary by student preferences. The body paragraphs can be structured using among three different schemes. But still, the initial column represents the perfect manner where to discuss claims.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Body:
  • Variant 1
  • Cause 1
  • Cause 2
  • Effect 1
  • Effect 2
  • Variant 2
  • Cause 1
  • Effect 1
  • Cause 2
  • Effect 2
  • Variant 3
  • Cause & Effect 1
  • Cause & Effect 2
  • Cause & Effect 3
  • 3. Conclusion

Human body Paragraph of a Cause and Effect Essay Human body (Causes)

Normally, the student will need to address several factors behind the problem introduced by their thesis statement. It shows teachers they've successfully analyzed the issue from the variety of angles. They may pick out a single reason as most crucial, discussing it first, then moving on to explain secondary dilemmas. Do not make the error of forgetting that every individual paragraph must certanly be focused around one key idea. For that reason every distinct cause must certanly be delegated to its own paragraph.

To produce and introduce your idea, try using a conventional format for paragraphs, containing:

  • A topic sentence
  • Evidence
  • Support
  • Conclusion sentence

This structure is important to effective writing. It allows text to run in a smooth fashion and effectively convey an idea. More over, it should be placed on present the reasons and effects that are being discussed.

Three ways of organizing a cause and effect essay

Human anatomy Paragraph of a Cause and Effect Essay (Effects)

When scribing a body paragraph whose focus is centered around effects, you need to ensure a logical connection is built to the causes mentioned within. Focus specifically on the problem's direct consequences, with the message being clear to the audience. It helps keep claims coherent.

Introduce the effects you're to discuss with the topic sentence. It's a good idea to cite some reputable sources with thorough research to prove a spot. Cite based on the required referencing formats, with regards to the type of essay. This includes but is not limited by APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, etc . Make sure that the necessary comments are made to explain key evidence and findings. Furthermore, it's essential to add one's own interpretation of the problem without just paraphrasing someone else's thoughts. For example , observe the effects of addiction to social media marketing and take notice of the expressions that may be potentially found in an essay.

Multiple Causes One Effect Example

Concluding Paragraph of a Cause and Effect Essay

A conclusion paragraph serves because the outro for a student's cause and effect essay structure. Even though thesis statement needs to be restated, it generally does not need to be directly copied. The target is to remind readers of the overall argument. Start to see the below examples to observe what it means to restate a thesis:

Thesis: "The drawings of kiddies are not just simple doodles; they show the youngsters' psychological concerns and state. "

Restatement: "Drawings developed by children provide insight in to the condition of these emotions. "

How exactly to Write a Cause and Effect Essay Successfully in 5 Steps

To create a convincing cause and effect essay, one must demonstrate dedication, critical thinking skills, and sufficient organization.

Brainstorm Cause and Effect Essay Topics

First, begin by distinguishing suitable topics for the main cause and effect essay. A few subjects of consideration range from the development of ideas, cultural movements, and natural phenomena. The key tip for choosing cause and effect essay topics is always to ensure that it enables the analytics and observation of the causal relationship.

Create a Thesis for your Cause and Effect Essay

For cause and effect essays, a thesis is a statement of either single or multiple relationships between cause and effect that will be discovered by the reader within the body paragraphs.

Develop Body Paragraphs: Cause and Effect Essay Body

Relative to standards for cause and effect essay format, your body should contain anywhere between 2-5 paragraphs. Each should explore a specific element of the relationship between causes. The core idea must be developed to begin writing the body paragraphs.

Start Writing The Draft For the Cause and Effect Essay

With the thesis and brainstormed ideas for the body paragraphs, start writing the draft for the main cause and effect essay. Inside, ensure that a logical idea flow is done with the aid of transitions, linking of paragraphs back once again to the original thesis, and topic sentences. Last but most certainly not least, always keep in mind the essay's purpose.

Review The Work Of Your Cause and Effect Essay

Frequently , writing a cause and effect essay first draft will require revisions. Questions to ask include:

  • Is the point of view clear?
  • Does every example highlight the partnership of subjects?
  • Would be the body paragraphs convincing and logical in form?

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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Topics for a cause and effect essay paper is as diverse whilst the student desires, for cause and effect essays are suitable for all manners of subjects, including but not restricted to history, sociology, technology, physics, languages, and arts, to call several. If students are free to choose their own cause and effect essay topics, they should start with picking the one that matters most and subsequently prove its relevance. In a way, the interest of the niche matter will drive motivation to successfully complete the job. Several of the most popular topic examples suggested for cause and effect essays are divided by category as follows:

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students

Topics for Education

  • How can online schooling affect the academic performance of students
  • What's the effect on educational outcomes for extended school days?
  • How is the rate of dropouts influenced by standardized tests?
  • How is student motivation suffering from the general grading system?
  • Exactly why is learning so boring to the majority of the students?
  • How is the effectiveness of learning influenced by the adoption of technology?
  • How are the academic outcomes of students suffering from sports along with other extracurricular activities?
  • Do you know the positive and negative outcomes of school uniforms?
  • How is a student's future success affected by having a "gap year"?
  • What does learning fine arts do to affect students' learning in schools?

Topics for Politics

  • What has triggered a rise of democracy in america?
  • What makes politicians choose their career path?
  • Do you know the key outcomes of illegal immigration on society and the country in general?
  • Which are the core objectives that resulted in the British strategy of colonialism?
  • How did the country benefit from colonialism?
  • Which events specifically led to the American Revolution?
  • What caused a rise in immigration rates?
  • Do you know the potentially negative outcomes of legalizing drugs?
  • Which are the effects of poor leadership with respect to politicians on the economy and the united states?
  • Do you know the specific impacts felt by the Affordable Care Act?

Topics for History

  • So how exactly does the history of slavery still affect society?
  • Do you know the main catalysts and outcomes of the American Civil War?
  • Under what grounds what John F. Kennedy assassinated?
  • What key reasons led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  • How was the citizenry suffering from the outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
  • What's the connection between your Roman Empire and the Rise of Christianity?
  • What caused the pact between Stalin and Hitler?
  • What caused the Arab Spring?
  • Cause and effects of the witch trials in Salem?
  • What were positive results of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

These cause and effect essay example is made to illustrate how a basic foundations play out in practice.