You shouldn't slack off when being forced to choose topics for a definition essay. Concentrating on a single meaning of the term is not enough. A writer should view the selected term or phrase from many different aspects, and the prompt should contain more when compared to a single word.

Your definition essay topics should not be boring! Read this post to choose what to discuss in the paper which has to define something. You will discover various types of the subjects to discuss in the paper of this type. If you have any doubts concerning the quality of one's written assignment, feel absolve to EssayPro team!

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What Is a Definition Essay?

Before we move on directly to the full definition essay topics list manufactured by experts, we have to recall the key idea of this kind of academic assignment.

It is a type of academic essay that presents up as a multilateral English dictionary entry with both official meaning of the word and the writer’s interpretation with examples.

No matter what definition essay topics the writer chooses, the final paper should not exceed one page long. 250-500 words are far more than enough for such type of assignment.

While official dictionaries offer short explanations of the terms, a student’s goal would be to expand the word’s usage by involving other possible concepts of the analyzed items.

A writer can support the interpretations with the aid of examples.

A word could have several meanings, e. g., literary or real-life interpretation.

It's up to the student to find the angle to see or watch the selected term, however it is necessary to incorporate official definitions in the opening paragraphs.

How To Choose Definition Essay Topic

Picking the right words for your paper might be challenging.


  • Having a term with an individual meaning won't allow you to demonstrate your writing abilities & knowledge of the topic;
  • Offer terms that may be disputed with regards to the context;
  • Produce the set of definition essay words if the tutor will not assign specific subjects to go over in your assignments;
  • Think about words with multiple meanings.

Now you know the basic principles, it is time to take notice of the list of the most truly effective definition essay topics.

100 Definition Essay Topics to Impress

You realize the basics now. It is time to take notice of the list of the most effective definition essay topics. All of us developed it based on the most successful papers of this type ever submitted at the school level along with some hot trends. These topics should inspire every student! We divided them into split categories to produce it easier.

Definition Essay on Love

A definition essay on love is the hottest subject with regards to defining terms in academic papers.

  1. Versatile Feeling of Love
  2. Love vs Hatred
  3. Is there any universal definition of love?
  4. The connection between love and other emotions
  5. The most powerful feeling in the world
  6. Parental love
  7. The romance between man & woman
  8. Devotion to pets
  9. The correlation between love and passion
  10. The consequences of insane love

Happiness Definition Essay

A happiness definition essay is really a good substitute for consider. This word has many interpretations.

  1. Defining happiness based on personal experience
  2. The non-importance of money
  3. Happiness that comes from outside and within
  4. Do money matter?
  5. How can happiness be achieved?
  6. The role of happiness in the life of an average human
  7. Unrealistic expectations
  8. Features of a happy family
  9. Helping people to achieve happiness
  10. The pursuit of happiness

Family Definition Essay

In a family definition essay, it is possible to either define some family values, its members, or other related things. Ensure it is sound personal to achieve the expected result!

  1. Perfect family
  2. Family in my eyes
  3. The 21st-century family
  4. Child marriage
  5. Early parenting
  6. Families with a single child
  7. The impact of family on education & career choice
  8. A piece of your family in the film "Adam’s Family"
  9. The role of television in family communication
  10. Family values today

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Freedom Definition Essay

A freedom definition essay is just a popular assignment in the US schools. You may combine history and culture to ensure success with this one.

  1. The way in which US citizens perceive the word freedom in the XXI century
  2. Interpretations of liberty found in various sources
  3. Being free & being truly happy
  4. Prisoners vision of freedom
  5. Free time at work
  6. Having larger school breaks
  7. Explaining the word "freedom" through "slavery"
  8. The movement for freedom
  9. The role of the American Civil War in formulating the term "freedom"
  10. Reasons why people should not obtain full freedom

Definition Argument Essay Topics

In a definition argument essay topics, students should make an effort to pick a debatable term. Below are a few of the best some ideas!

  1. Pros & cons of using mobile devices in class
  2. Understanding what having two sides of the coin means
  3. Ways to achieve corporate social responsibility
  4. Reasons to include creationism in a school curriculum
  5. Defining fair elections vs unfair one
  6. Thoughts in favor of the death penalty
  7. Crimes that can be called the worst
  8. Cheating on your partner
  9. Racial segregation in the US
  10. An official language in a country

Easy Definition Essay Topics

If you'd like simple or easy definition essay topics, check it out!

  1. Various interpretations of being ugly
  2. The features of a hero predicated on Pride and Prejudice characters
  3. Describing success on the example of "Queen" story
  4. Living in poverty from different angles
  5. Traits that every college professor should possess
  6. The feminist movement in the United States
  7. Campus vs home conditions
  8. The role of a college degree in the life of a modern person
  9. Contemporary art
  10. Onomatopoeia, assonance, & alliteration

Extended Definition Essay Topics

In the extended definition essay topics, discuss words with broad meaning only. Avoid terms with a single interpretation.

  1. Measures of punishment parents decide to try keep a healthier family
  2. Primary symptoms of the healthy weight
  3. Differences & similarities between self-assurance, self-development, & self-management
  4. Traits that make a person generous
  5. Items that prove FBI violates the rights of the US citizens
  6. Bad coaches & the negative consequences of the training
  7. The meaning and usage of the term frenemy
  8. A few factors that identify an individual as a selfish one
  9. Methods to cope with laziness and its implications
  10. Detecting the faculties of protagonists based on the movies of Marvel

Definition Essay Topics for College

Observe your bonus definition essay topics for college!

  1. The characteristics of the good mental health
  2. Anti-semitism in the post-war world
  3. Humanely things in our life
  4. Male chauvinism
  5. Detecting the copycat from the first sight
  6. The phrase phase in the context of homogeneous & heterogeneous mixtures
  7. Explaining brand loyalty on the example of WalMart
  8. Trying to understand what respect is
  9. The nature of hate
  10. The best friend

Definition Essay Ideas for Business

Economics, business, & e-commerce have plenty of interesting terms to spell out. Some of the best a few ideas include:

  1. Causes & effects of economic depression
  2. The development of e-commerce
  3. The role of statistics in business
  4. How to define an appropriate salary
  5. Things that social package includes
  6. Production and producers
  7. Business management & marketing
  8. How to explain the meaning of a start-up
  9. Franchises, mergers, and acquisitions
  10. Types of marketing advertising

Definition Essay Ideas for Science & IT

Grab some bonus definition topics related to information technologies & science. They may be useful if you prefer to discuss innovations and forecasts for the future!

  1. The programming language of tomorrow
  2. World Wide Web/Internet
  3. Operating systems (Mac, Windows, etc.)
  4. Different types of telecommunication
  5. Smartphones vs. outdated mobile/cellular phones
  6. Pros & cons of e-learning
  7. Computer data & information
  8. Artificial intelligence
  9. Automated home systems
  10. Emailing and how it works

Grab some tips about how to write a definition essay before deciding on the best definition essay topics for your paper!

Structure of a Definition Essay

The structure of one's final definition paper might remind something similar to this:

  • An official definition copy-pasted or paraphrased from the dictionary;
  • Writer’s personal understanding of the word;
  • An example of usage in literature or real life;
  • Supporting evidence;
  • conclusion.

If you utilize any extra sources, list them in references. To prevent plagiarism, the writer needs to paraphrase the dictionary entries.

The principal thing to consider is how to write a definition essay introduction - a great deal depends on the first impression you leave on the reader.

In the opening paragraph, a writer can begin with the bang by offering a fantastic fact, rhetorical question, literary quote, otherwise that has related to the plumped for terms. Explain the role of the chosen word in the language. Finish The introduction by mentioning you will look at all possible interpretations and uses of the term further in the writing.

In the body, offer some examples from the real-life experience or from the external sources to show different usages of the analyzed term(s).

In your conclusion, you could start from this is of the phrase from the origin that you have not used before. The last sentence of the conclusion should sum up most of the possible interpretations of the chosen word.

Transition Words for Definition Essay

You might wonder steps to make the text flow logically. Don't forget to add transition words for Definition essay to exhibit the way paragraphs are associated with each other.

The introduction may be the only section that does not require one. Start and finish the rest of the paragraphs with some Transition Words. Mind different sets of such bridges you build between various paragraphs to choose the proper words to make the reader follow your primary idea.

This infographic below will make it clear!

How to Write a Definition Essay: Tricks That Work!

While choosing topics for definition essay, you have to keep in mind some of the expert tips to succeed with your further writing. Every once in awhile, turn to the examples to learn more! The professional on line writing service offers multiple examples of definition essays along with other papers available free of charge!

  • Pick the term.
    If you wish to come up with a hefty essay worth A+, stay away from discussing words like nouns or verbs like “swimming” or “necklace. ” It is better to spotlight analyzing some processes.
  • Add own thoughts.
    Aside from the official dictionary definitions, you’ll need to include personal interpretations of the analyzed words. Do not bend over - do not get too subjective while explaining the word using your own words!
  • Provide real-life examples.
    The ultimate way to make the audience determine what you have on your mind is through inserting some examples showing how the word was found in the context of real life.
  • Focus on multiple definitions.
    It is advisable to offer terms that have numerous meanings (example: beauty, fight, freedom, rock, etc . )
  • Exclude universal words.
    In your paper, you should not discuss words like "hi, " café, ” or “telephone. "
  • Do not underestimate the role of research!
    Although it is not an investigation paper, conduct a study to locate all possible meanings of the term along side its origins and usage to make your paper more interesting!

The easiest method to understand the way in which it works is to take a good look at the free example of definition essay posted below.

Definition Essay Video Guide

Definition Essay Example

We decided to put in a thesis definition essay that can be used as a template.