EssayPro has composed this Harvard referencing guide to help you with formatting your Custom Essay in the Harvard style citation and referencing. You can find out how to:

  • format your paper in general;
  • provide in-text citations;
  • create a reference list.

Let’s get started with defining the Harvard style.

What Is Harvard Style?

Harvard style is amongst the most popular formatting styles utilized in academic papers, along with APA, MLA, and Chicago. Harvard format dictates the general format of the paper, such as the size of the margins, preferred font, etc . Additionally, it contains rules for citing sources — both in the text and in the list of references at the end of the paper.

Harvard referencing is often used in the next fields:

  1. Humanities
  2. Behavioral sciences
  3. Philosophy

Nevertheless , you may be requested to use the Harvard referencing system in other fields as well.

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Paper Formatting Guidelines

General Rules

  • 1-inch margins from all sides.
  • Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt. are the recommended fonts.
  • Double spacing between the lines.
  • The text is aligned to the left.
  • The initial line of each paragraph is indented by 0. 5″.
  • A title during your first page before the text.
  • Headers and page numbers (see below).
  • The paper can sometimes include subheadings (dividing it in to sections), a title page, An outline (a plan of one's paper), and/or a list of references (see below).

Title, Headers, and Page Numbers

  • Place a title before the text of your paper and allow it to be center-aligned. Capitalize all the main words, as an example: How to Write an Essay. Articles, short conjunctions, and prepositions are not capitalized. Do not make your title indented, italicized, underscored, or bold.
  • Incorporate a page number in the header of one's paper, in the top right corner of a page.
  • Place your last name in the header right before the page number.
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Subheadings divide your paper in to parts. Like level 1 headings divide the whole paper into sections. Level 2 headings divide those sections into subsections.

Level 1 headings look just like the title of the paper. Quite simply, they are centered, capitalized, maybe not bold, maybe not underscored, maybe not italicized, rather than indented. Following the heading, start typing your text on a new line as usual (indent the initial line of your text by 0. 5″).

Level 2 headings may also be capitalized. But they are flush left (aligned to the left margin of the paper). Also, they are italicized. Following this subheading, also start typing your subsection on a fresh line as usual.

Title Page Formatting

The title page, also known as the cover page, is the initial page of one's paper. It includes the basic information on it, namely:

  • The title of one's paper, written in all caps. It should be centered and placed at approximately one-third of the way on the next paragraphs.
  • Your name must certanly be centered and placed at approximately halfway down the page.
  • At two-thirds of the way listed below, place the centered name and amount of your course. Then (on the next line) your professor’s name, then (again on the following line) the name of your college, and, finally, the date on the line from then on.

There are also a template with an essay cover page example, headers, subheadings, and reference list example by clicking on the button listed below.