Obtaining college has a lot of effort. All applicants must pass exams, collect any and all applicable documents, complete a variety of forms, etc . Nevertheless , what is frequently even more complex is to make application for a scholarship and win it!

As a result of growing tuition fees, most students choose to apply for scholarships to cover part of their expenses. If you should be opting to utilize for a scholarship aswell, chances are you will have to write an essay.

What Is a Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay is an essay students submit along with their scholarship’s application. It's the most important part of the application. This essay can either help you win or lose the opportunity to obtain a scholarship. A good scholarship essay should make the application stand out and present the committee a sense of who you're, what goals you pursue, and why is you deserve to receive a scholarship.

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Scholarships are often made available from individual companies that attempt to support education. Therefore , scholarship essays should often demonstrate author’s passions and beliefs that align with the organization’s interests. Frequently, scholarship essays are referred to as scholarship application letters.

How are scholarship essays not the same as college essays? These two forms of work have one main thing in common – both should represent you as well as your opinion or beliefs. But, there are several distinctive features that differentiate both:

  • Purpose – a university essay should reflect your personality, while a scholarship essay usually has to show that you share the beliefs and interests of the organization that provides the scholarship.
  • Length – scholarship essays are usually under 500 words. College essays can be longer (up to 650 words).
  • Prompt – often , prompts for academy essays are much more broad compared to the ones given for scholarship essays. Also, many colleges allow you to choose the topic, while a scholarship organization may request you to answer specific questions in your text (for example, “why would you deserve this scholarship? ” is a common topic).

The Outline

A broad outline for a scholarship essay should look like this:


  • A hook that grabs the reader’s attention
  • Thesis statement (why do you deserve a scholarship? )


  • What has been a significant challenge that you experienced?
  • How did you overcome this?
  • What is/are your educational and career goal(s)?
  • What is/are your current educational goal(s)?
  • Why did you select this particular university or college?
  • Why did you choose this field of study?
  • How will a scholarship assist you to achieve your educational goal(s)?
  • What is/are your long-term career goal(s)?
  • What will you do with your degree?
  • How will the scholarship direct you towards achieving your long-term career goal(s)?
  • Real-life examples that support main arguments


  • Brief summary of your key points
  • Restate the thesis (how the scholarship can help you reach your goals)

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How to Start

The first section of your essay is the INTRODUCTION. But your work toward receiving a scholarship essay should start a long time before you commence to write your intro.

To ready for the writing process, you should first allocate sufficient time to it. Don’t believe that you can simply create a flawless essay over night, so , ahead of getting started, ensure that you are aware of all the deadlines, and that you have enough time and energy to work on your paper.

Get Familiar With the Prompt

Scholarship essay prompts can be quite tricky, which is why you need to carefully read it multiple times to obtain a clear knowledge of what is expected from you.

To be considered for a scholarship, you must submit an essay of about 400-500 words. Your submission should illustrate your perspective on why would you deserve this scholarship, while deciding the following questions:

  • Why are you trying to get this particular scholarship?
  • What makes you unique?
  • Just how do your beliefs align with the organization’s interests?
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • What goals are you pursuing?
  • What unique contribution can you make in this chosen field of science?

Choose a topic

At this time, keep in mind that the primary goal of one's essay is, in essence, to persuade the business to sponsor your education. You have to suggest to them what makes you worthy of their money. Your topic should reflect this purpose.
To select a good topic, consider a few questions:

  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • What distinguishes you from everyone else?
  • Which are the biggest obstacles you have faced that you experienced? How did you over come them, and what lessons have you learned?
  • What are your strongest traits?
  • Perhaps you have struggled for something? Did you succeed or fail?
  • What are your dreams and goals for the future?

Answering these, and similar questions, should assist you to generate ideas. Also, here are some examples of common scholarship essay topics:

  • Why Do I Deserve This Scholarship?
  • My Dreams
  • The Goals I Will Achieve in 10 Years
  • The Doors I Have Opened
  • What I Do Best – My Biggest Success
  • My Inspiration
  • The Person Who Has Influenced My Views The Most
  • Destiny In My Hands

Write a Hook

Just what is a hook written down? It is an opening statement that has two goals – to grab the readers’ attention, and make them really want to continue reading. The hook plays an essential role in a scholarship essay. The committee will probably review lots of essays, and that's why it is important to make your paper memorable, and that’s each time a powerful hook will come in handy.

Listed here are three effective ways to make your first sentence thrilling:

  • Question: What helped me realize that I want to help people?
  • Quote: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss in enthusiasm. ” – Winston Churchill.
  • Statistic: ADHD (9. 4%), behavior dilemmas (7. 4%), anxiety (7. 1%), and depression (3. 2%) would be the most common mental disorders diagnosed in young ones aged 2-17 years old.

Now, when you have a hook, you are able to write your intro. Below are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Keep it short and clear.
  • Don’t forget to check out your hook with a thesis statement.
  • Provide relevant back ground for the chosen topic, but don’t begin your argument.
  • Provide only helpful, relevant information.
  • Try to avoid clichés.
  • Convince the reader that your essay is worth reading.

These guidelines will help you to make an engaging introduction that'll drive attention and make your essay stand out.

What Should the Body Contain?

The human body of your essay should be its longest part, and it should provide the scholarship committee with the answers they are trying to find. Since we're discussing the scholarship essay sample about “why I deserve the scholarship”, here are a few relevant tips to include in the human body of your paper:

  • Speak about some obstacles you have overcome in your lifetime;
  • Highlight your achievements and positive traits;
  • Speak about your goals;
  • Mention how the scholarship can help toward those goals;
  • Talk about your motivation;
  • Share real-life examples that support your statements.

The 2 main methods for writing the human body of your essay are to prevent generalization, and also to make sure that your statements resonate with the interests of the corporation that provides the scholarship.

How to Conclude the Essay

In conclusion of your essay is the most significant part of it, as it defines whether the committee will remember it, or if it'll just land in a pile of dozens of other indistinguishable papers. To stick out from the crowd, you will need a powerful conclusion.
Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Reflection – this type of conclusion is perfect for demonstrating personal growth and presenting your weaknesses as stepping stones.
Example: “I decided to study medicine to simply help people. It took me a lot of work and time for you to get where I am now, and I don’t wish to stop there. I’ve undergone numerous pros and cons on my path to this moment. Although I never define my obstacles as ‘failures, ’ I mark my success by my repeated perseverance through adversity. If I fully grasp this scholarship, I am going to use it to help my education and serve people, and that's why I deserve it. ”
  1. The Future Tense – if your essay is all about your past or present experiences, then this type of conclusion is the approach to take. Tell the committee how your experiences have influenced you and what you’ll do with the lessons you discovered in the future.
Example: “Having experienced the difficulties that exist within my community first-hand has taught me a great deal. In the future, I see that my mission is always to increase the efficiency of low-income housing development. This scholarship will help me complete my education in construction management and start solving problems that my, and similar communities, are facing. ”
  1. The Cycle – to empower your introductory statement, you are able to restate it in your conclusion. This kind of approach is extremely effective and certainly will make the reader more connected to it. For example , in the event that you started off by providing statistics of the number of kiddies who need psychological treatment, bring up the exact same issue in your conclusion for an even more powerful effect.
Example: “So, why do I deserve this scholarship? I have the passion and determination to greatly help children receive high-quality psychological treatment at an early age—to give them the very best chance of finding their own success. By awarding me with this particular scholarship, you won’t just help me complete my education, you'll give me a chance to enhance the quality of life for countless families in the future. ”

Scholarship Essay Formatting

Formatting plays an important role written down any kind of paper. No matter how great the information of your scholarship essay, it won’t do much until you format it properly. All things considered, formatting your paper nicely shows the committee as you are able to understand and follow given instructions, that will be important in college.

A typical scholarship essay format gets the following faculties:

  • Times New Roman font
  • 12-point font size
  • Double spaced
  • 1” margins (top, bottom, and side)
  • An indent before each paragraph
  • Your last name and page numbers (only for long essays), inserted on the top left side of the page

Follow the prompts above to guarantee the appropriate format for your text.

Scholarship Essay Examples

Using our guidelines can set you on course. Still, having a good sample essay at hand is a must for success. To make the writing process for the scholarship essay even more smooth and amazing, look at the following examples: