To Kill a Mockingbird is really a Pulitzer Prize winning novel created in 1960 by Harper Lee. It is predicated on a true story and was witnessed by the author when she was a little girl. The book talks about some very difficult and complex issues that were commonplace in the mid-twentieth century in the United States, including racism and its own influence on the judicial system, poverty, and the fantastic Depression. In addition, it showcases how children swept up in these issues have their own morals, show courage, and resist social and racial injustices. non-etheless, the novel is full of innocence and warmth. Children play with each other, search for adventures just outside their houses, mature, and look after each other.

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Part 1 Summary

The protagonist of the story is Jean Louise Finch. She is six years old, and usually she goes by the name Scout. She, and her family, live in Maycomb, Alabama. She actually is about to start going to school — this new world excites her. She actually is smart and intelligent and loves to read books.

Yet another thing Scout enjoys doing is playing with her ten year old brother Jeremy (Jem). Him and Scout spend most of their time together. He is a real big brother in the sense, who protects her, and teaches her about relationships in school and between people generally speaking. He explains many things a normal six year old may possibly wonder in regards to the world around her. That he protects her from the evil and trouble they run into, and he shows his courage and strength.

The kids are raised by their father, Atticus Finch. His wife passed on a long time ago, and the burden of raising their two kids fell solely on him. The only help he has is from his maid, Calpurnia, who cooks, cleans and looks after the kids. Atticus is really a very busy, successful attorney, who spends long hours at his office. Despite this, his children’s upbringing is very important to him. He's always calm and understanding. He tries to teach his children to be respectful to every one, regardless of their social status or race. He protects them from everyone and everything that may hurt them. He is a stellar exemplory case of a good father and a righteous man.

The events of the book start when Scout and Jem meet Charles Baker Harris (Dill). He is a neighbor kid who visits his aunt and uncle in the house nearby. He has a wild imagination and is quite sensitive. Dill is often the initiator out of all the shenanigans and trouble that the kids enter. He wants to dare, and take part in those dares. Even though, the thing he's most thinking about is a Maycomb legend, Boo Radley — whom that he encounters.

Boo Radley lives just outside from Jem, Scout and Dill. Years back, Boo experienced trouble with the law, and his father forbid him to go out. Fifteen years later, Boo stabbed his father in the leg with a set of scissors, even though charges weren't pressed. Legend says he comes out only at night to consume cats and scare people away.

Kiddies try to get his attention any way possible; they walk around his house and peep through the windows. One day, right after Scout finally starts school, they realize that somebody has been leaving them gift suggestions in the knothole of the tree in the Radley’s yard. This continues throughout the whole school year.

The following summer when Dill returns to Maycomb, the children carry on their mischief around Radley’s house. Although Atticus warned them of the dangers it might cause to hang out around Radley’s house, 1 day they choose to go inside. Nathan Radley, Boo’s brothers, mistakes them for thieves, and shoots at them. Luckily no body gets hurt, although Jem’s pants get caught in the fence while they make their escape. A day later, Jem returns to get them back, but discovers that they're clean, and all the holes have been sewn. The children understand that Boo Radley did this.

Afterwards, a horrible incident shakes up the city of Maycomb. A new white girl Mayella Ewell gets raped. She accuses Tom Robinson, a black man, of the crime. Atticus tries to do the best thing and seeks fair trial and justice for Tom. The town people, specially its white community, are angry with Atticus for trying to help prove a black man’s innocence. They call him a “nigger-lover”. In their eyes, Tom is just still another African-American, who's guilty mainly because he is black. Jem and Scout begin to get bullied and terrorized in school and in the streets for their father’s kind heart and righteous decision. Atticus stands firm in his truth-seeking, so he compares for Tom no matter what. That he gives a speech at the Christmas celebration held at a black church Calpurnia also attends. He says that he will defend Tom despite the city’s repulsion. Jem and Scout are very happy with their father and support his decision.

Atticus Finch and Tom Robinson in court

Part 2 Summary

Atticus gets exceedingly busy with the trial and ultimately ends up having almost no time for his kiddies. His sister, Alexandria, concerns help him out with the kids, who also suffer with their father’s involvement in the trial.

1 day, a group of people decide to punish Tom Robinson without awaiting the court’s rule. They come to lynch him due to their belief he must have raped miss Ewell. Jem and Scout check out it, and their curiosity draws them to find out about these men. Scout confronts a father of just one of her classmates, and the father gets embarrassed for his actions. The men flee, leaving Tom Robinson unharmed.

Through the court hearing, Atticus present a great defense. His evidence is irrefutable. His main argument is that Tom Robinson physically was not in a position to cause the type of injuries Mayella sustained, because he is crippled. He claims that there had been a lot of instances when Mayella had been beaten up by no apart from her own father, Bob Ewell, and this time was not an exception. Atticus claims that Mayella tried to seduce Tom Robinson, but got caught by her father, and her father beat her. That's how and just why she got hurt. Bob and Mayella Ewell are believed “white trash” in their town. They are rude, ignorant, and uneducated individuals who express their racial views openly, and so are disrespectful to anyone who's not Caucasian.

No matter all the evidence, the court finds Tom Robinson guilty. In disparity of their own helplessness, Tom tries to flee from prison and gets shot while doing so. This event leaves Scout shaken up. Not merely is she upset due to court’s injustice, but also because an innocent man dies.

It would appear that Bob Ewell gets what he wants; a man who supposedly raped and besmirched his daughter and his name is dead. Even though Bob still thinks that Atticus humiliated him in court and must pay it off. On Halloween, Bob attacks Jem and Scout have been returning from trick-or-treating. That he seriously injures Jem, but Scout can’t see him, because her costume partially covers her eyes. Suddenly, Boo Radley comes to the rescue; that he stabs Bob Ewell together with his own knife, and Bob dies. They call law enforcement, but they decide not to press charges against Boo Radley. Instead, the sheriff says that Bob Ewell tripped and simply fell on his own knife, causing his death from the injury.

The book teaches readers many important things: real friendship, trust, and understanding are shown from the perspective of a brave little girl. Scout also begins to understand cruelty, injustice, racism and anger. Harper Lee skillfully shows all these essential subjects through the prism of innocence—and what better way to achieve this than a daughter or son who believes in human good and who seeks truth. Here, Tom Robinson is a symbol of a mockingbird. Exactly like a little bird, he doesn’t mean any harm and is accused of things he never did. That he ends up getting killed due to societal pressure.

Video Summary & Character Analysis

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