85 unique argumentative essay topics and how to choose one

This will help avoid misunderstandings and provide a stronger argument. The goal of an argumentative essay is to convince the reader that the arguments made by the writer are correct. An argumentative essay usually starts with an introduction outlining the topic and presenting the main argument. The introduction should also contain claims that will be supported by evidence in the next section. The next section is the body of the essay, in which the authors develop their argument using facts, examples and analysis. Authors should also discuss counter-arguments and provide reasons why they are invalid or irrelevant. Finally, an argumentative essay should end with a conclusion that leaves the reader feeling that the author’s arguments have been proven correct.

What is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative papers must include solid evidence to support the author’s argument. Writers should use data, facts, and examples to help readers understand how their argument stands. Argumentative papers must also identify and respond to opposing opinions in a fair and objective manner. This will help readers see other perspectives on the problem and make a more informed decision. the Toulmin model, the Rogerian model, and the Aristotelian model. The Toulmin model emphasizes using strong evidence to support arguments. The Rogerian model emphasizes a compromise approach and focuses on finding solutions that are acceptable to all parties. The Aristotelian model emphasizes the use of logic to make strong arguments. All three of these models rely on using sound evidence and logic to support arguments, but each has a unique way of doing it.
  • Toulmin Model.
The thesis statement for this paper is: Government policies that regulate internet use in Indonesia have been successful in limiting access to content that is inconsistent with moral and religious values. When the internet first appeared in Indonesia, many people saw it as a threat to moral and religious values. In response, the Indonesian government began taking steps to restrict access to content that is inconsistent with moral and religious values. One way that is used is through regulations on internet use. These regulations include banning certain websites, content filters and monitoring of online activity. To support this argument, evidence was gathered from various sources including mass media reports, academic studies, and public surveys. Mass media reports indicate that the government has been successful in blocking several websites that are considered inconsistent with moral and religious values. Academic studies also show that content filters have been effective in limiting access to content that is inconsistent with moral and religious values. Public surveys also show that many people agree with the government’s policies regarding internet use in Indonesia. Government policies regarding internet use in Indonesia have been successful in limiting access to content that is inconsistent with moral and religious values. This evidence comes from mass media reports, academic studies, and public surveys which all support this argument. Although there have been some objections to these policies, in general they have been successful in protecting Indonesians from the negative impacts of the internet.
  • Classic models.
The problem we face today is that many people don’t realize the importance of protecting the environment. We all know that pollution, deforestation and land degradation are serious problems that must be faced. However, even though we know that we must do something to reduce the negative impact of human activities on the environment, we often do not know how. The solution I offer is to start small. Start by making small changes in your own lifestyle. For example, start using reusable water bottles and stop buying single-use plastic products. Also, try to reduce the use of electricity and water in your home. It’s an easy way to help protect the environment without much effort or expense. Apart from that, you can also participate in environmental movements such as recycling used goods or participating in greening events around you. By doing so, you will make a real contribution to the environment and encourage others to do so too. I am sure that this solution will have positive results for the environment as a whole if everyone accepts it and takes it seriously. That way, we will all benefit from this effort and the world will be a better place to live in the future.


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How to choose a good argumentative essay topic

1. Do we have to take risks to achieve the desired goals? 2. Is there another way to achieve the goal without taking risks? 3. What are the consequences of taking or not taking risks? 4. Is there a way to minimize risk when trying to achieve the goal? 5. Are there any long-term benefits to not taking risks? 6. How do other people see this situation and what do they think about the risks being taken? 7. How has past experience influenced current decisions about risks to be taken? 8. Is there a way to ensure that the end result will be positive despite the risks taken?

1. Does technology help or hinder human-to-human communication? 2. Does technological progress have a positive or negative impact on society? 3. Has globalization brought more advantages or disadvantages to the world? 4. Should human rights be universally respected? 5. Is climate change a real threat to life on Earth? 6. What is the impact of using social media on today’s youth? 7. What are the main reasons for mass international migration? 8. What is the best way to address current global environmental problems? 9. What is the best way to overcome economic inequality between countries in the world? 10. What is the best way to reduce crime rates around the world?

1. Choose a topic that interests you and understands. This will make the writing process easier and more enjoyable. 2. Find out what other people have written about the topic. This will help you find new ideas to discuss. 3. Make sure that the topic you choose is relevant to your job or the goals you want to achieve with the job. 4. Feel free to ask others for their ideas for the topic, this can give you a new perspective and inspiration. 5. Make a list of keywords related to the topic, this will help you find more information about it on the internet or other resources.
  • Think about your interest problem . Make sure you have in-depth knowledge of the chosen theme. Can you express your opinion about it?
  • Follow the latest trends . Type in a few keywords in the Google Trends search field to see what issues related to your subject are actively discussed.
  • Check access to primary & secondary sources . Surf the web to see if you can find a source that is credible enough to use on your part.
  • Avoid themes with a broad/general focus . Word or page count limits a research paper, so keep topics narrow & specific.
  • Stay away from emotionally charged subjects . Argumentative writing is all about staying calm and sober with judgment.
  • Consider the target audience . Think about the people you are planning to work with. Will they accept your point of view or will it result in a debate?
  • Brainstorm a list of final ideas . Discuss the final list of possible topics. Vote for ideas the majority will vote for.
  • Take a risk . Choosing a debatable issue carries a certain risk, but if an author proves a personal position, it will bring the highest marks!
  • Take into account your experience . How well do you know the topic? Do you have relevant experience to share?

1. The Role of Technology in Education: How can technology help improve the quality of education? What are the benefits and risks associated with using technology in schools? 2. Education Policy: What are the most effective education policies to improve student learning outcomes? How does this policy differ between different countries? 3. Problem-Based Learning: How best to implement problem-based learning in the classroom? What are the benefits and risks associated with this method? 4. Time Management: What is the best way to manage time at school so that students can achieve optimal learning outcomes? What are the benefits and risks associated with this strategy? 5. Assessment of Learning Outcomes: What is the best way to accurately and fairly measure student learning outcomes? What are the benefits and risks associated with this valuation method?

Easy argumentative essay topics

Secondary school

Teachers can use a variety of methods to help students understand this topic. 1. Group Discussion: The teacher can divide students into small groups and give each group a specific topic related to the debate about secondary school. After that, the teacher can oversee the discussion and provide input to help students develop their opinions. 2. Presentation: Teachers can ask students to do a presentation on the topic of high school argumentation. Students must present relevant information and support their arguments with solid evidence. This will give them the opportunity to learn how best to persuade others of their views. 3. Debating: Teachers can encourage students to debate high school argumentation topics in a safe and productive manner. This will give them the opportunity to learn how best to persuade others of their views, as well as how to act professionally when arguing with others. 4. Essay Assignment: Teachers can also give high school argumentation essay assignments to students, in which they have to make strong arguments and support them with precise and accurate evidence. This will provide further learning about how best to persuade others of their views through formal writing.

Senior High School

1. Does technology help or hinder learning in schools? 2. Should the school curriculum be adapted to future needs? 3. Should students be given more choices to choose subjects? 4. Should students be given more rights to participate in decision making at school? 5. Is the current education system fair enough for everyone? 6. Are the rules in high school too strict or too lax? 7. Are the academic standards in secondary schools too high or too low? 8. How to improve the quality of education in secondary schools? 9. How to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students? 10. How to reduce bullying and discrimination in secondary schools?

Argumentative essay topics by category

This paper should cover how technology has helped improve the quality of education, how technology has facilitated access to information and educational resources, and how technology has helped improve interaction between teachers and students. This paper should also include concrete examples of the use of technology in schools and universities.

Social media

Social media has helped raise awareness about important issues, such as human rights and the environment. It has also assisted in the marketing of products and services, allowing companies to reach a wider audience. Additionally, social media has provided a platform for people to interact with one another virtually and create a more connected community.

TV, movies, video games

Some examples include: 1. How do harmful stereotypes in the Hollywood industry affect viewers? 2. What are the negative effects of promoting harmful stereotypes in Hollywood? 3. How can we change views of harmful stereotypes in Hollywood? 4. What should be done to reduce the effect of harmful stereotypes in Hollywood? 5. How can we promote fairer and more inclusive representation in Hollywood?

Music, Literature, Art

The digitization of music has changed the way people listen to and interact with music. With digitization, music can be stored, played and accessed easily. This allows people to listen to the songs they love whenever and wherever they want. However, there are also problems associated with the digitization of music. One of the main problems is the loss of originality of the music due to digitization. Digitization removes the emotional aspect of music because there is no interaction between performer and listener. Musicians are no longer able to convey messages or emotions through their performances because all songs are played mechanically without distinction. This means that listeners only get standard versions of the songs they love, not unique versions created by real performers. Apart from that, digitization has also changed the way people earn money from the music industry. Previously, musicians depended on album sales for their income. But now, musicians must compete with free streaming and subscription services for a decent income from their work. This makes it more difficult for musicians to live off their own work and makes the music industry more vulnerable to big monopolies like Spotify or Apple Music. In conclusion, digitalization has benefited the music industry but has also created new problems such as loss of authenticity and economic injustice for independent musicians. Therefore, it is important to ensure that copyright is protected so that musicians can still be appreciated for their work while benefiting listeners through easy access to their favorite songs.

Funny argumentative essay topics

1. Are Cats Better Than Dogs? 2. Is TikTok Better than Instagram? 3. Is Having a Pet Better Than Not Having a Pet? 4. Is Fast Food Better Than Healthy Food? 5. Is Watching TV Better Than Playing Video Games? 6. Is Using a Cell Phone During Free Time Better Than Reading a Book? 7. Is Watching a Movie at the Cinema Better than Watching a Movie at Home? 8. Is Playing Sports Better Than Playing Computer?
  • How The Simpsons describes a typical American family.
  • Does the world need a superhero?
  • Why are people obsessed with funny cat videos?
  • Who will win in the fight – Batman or Iron Man?