This story follows Hamlet, who is on a quest to avenge his father’s murder by his brother, Claudius. Hamlet is faced with a moral dilemma and internal conflict that hinders his attempts to take action. He encounters the ghost of his father, who informs him that Claudius is the killer. As a result, Hamlet becomes angry and frustrated, and finally decides to take revenge. He uses a play to test the truth of his father’s ghost story and expose Claudius’ evil plans. Finally, this tragedy ends with the death of all the main people on the set.

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This drama tells about the tragedy experienced by Hamlet, son of the King of Denmark, when he is faced with the evil and cruelty of his stepfather. Hamlet must face a difficult moral dilemma between doing the right thing and taking revenge. The drama also sheds light on themes such as truth, loyalty, and betrayal. This work has been adapted into many forms of media, including film, television, theater and music.

Hamlet character

The main character in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is Rosalind. She is a brave, smart, and passionate young girl. He has the ability to solve problems quickly and also has the ability to take the necessary risks to achieve his goals. He is also very open minded and not afraid to ask questions or try new things. He is also very friendly and easy to get along with others. These characteristics make him suitable for the role of leader in the hamlet.



He also marries King Hamlet’s wife, Gertrude, to solidify his position as king. Claudius is a very ambitious and courageous character. He is willing to do anything to achieve his goals, including killing his own brother. Although he doesn’t seem to have any good intentions, Claudius is also shown to be an agile and experienced leader. He took swift action to quell the chaos in Denmark after the death of King Hamlet Sr., and he also managed to deal with the political threat from Fortinbras Norway.


Nor did he know that Claudius killed his father. Gertrude is a weak and impressionable woman, and she tries to protect Hamlet from Claudius’ anger. Even though he tries to protect Hamlet, he also causes trouble in unintentional ways. He also ignores Hamlet’s warnings about Claudius and continues to support him. Finally, Gertrude dies from drinking the poison provided by Claudius to kill Hamlet.


Polonius is an important character in Hamlet’s drama because he provides many plots and themes. He helps Claudius watch over Hamlet, leading to a final tragedy. He also gives Laertes worthless advice before his trip, which causes Laertes to fight Hamlet at the end of the game. Polonius is also an example of parents who don’t listen to their children, like Ophelia and Laertes, and this helps to create the theme of the younger versus the older.



Ghost reveals that Claudius killed him by putting poison in his ear while he was asleep. He also tells Hamlet not to hurt Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, and advises him to think before he acts.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

These characters are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.


He is a devoted and loyal friend to Hamlet, and he tries to protect and help Hamlet throughout the game. Horatio also provides objective comments on the events that occur around Hamlet. He gives wise and cautious advice to Hamlet, even though he doesn’t always listen to it. Horatio also expresses his respect for Hamlet in a genuine way.

Play: Hamlet summary

The hamlet plot centers on a man named Karna who is looking for a way to save his family from poverty. He decides to go to the city and try to get a job, but when he gets there, he finds that all the jobs have been taken by other people. He finally met a mysterious woman who gave him a job at a shop. There, Karna learns about the values ​​of life and how he should fight for what is right. Finally, he managed to save his family and bring them back to his village. The main theme in this play is the importance of working hard and fighting for what is right. Symbolism used through play includes the colors red (courage), white (kindness), and green (success).

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ACT 1.

Hamlet, who feels that his father has been killed, becomes angry and frustrated. He was determined to avenge her. He uses his wits and wits to reveal the truth about his father’s murder. He also deals with many internal conflicts during these games.

Hamlet, who has learned that his father was killed by his brother Claudius, decides to use the ghost as a way to prove that Claudius is the killer. He ordered Horatio and Marcellus to follow the ghost and see what would happen. The ghost invites Hamlet to the palace and tells him that he must take revenge for his father’s murder. The ghost also tells Hamlet that Claudius is the one responsible for the murder. After hearing this confirmation, Hamlet is determined to take revenge.

He was also angry that Claudius took over the throne and married his mother. Hamlet is determined to avenge his father’s death, but he doesn’t know how.

Hamlet, King Claudius and Queen Gertrude
ACT 1, SCENES 2 “A little more of a kin and less of a kind”

“Don’t act quickly, don’t talk too much, and don’t take unnecessary risks.” Then, we see Hamlet talking to the ghost of his father. The ghost tells how he was killed by Claudius and asks Hamlet to avenge him. After that, Hamlet is determined to carry out his mission. He then meets Ophelia and delivers her message: “Never love me again.” Later, we see Hamlet at the royal court. Here he expressed his anger towards Claudius and moved the people with a magnificent speech. Finally, he plans a play to prove that Claudius is the culprit in his father’s murder.

ACT 1, SCENES 3 “This is above all: for yourself come true”

He reminds Ophelia that Hamlet is a prince and will not marry him. Laertes also warns Ophelia to be careful in dealing with Hamlet because he might hurt her. Laertes tells Ophelia that if she keeps thinking about Hamlet it will only make her miserable.

He wondered if the ghost was really his father or just a demon trying to lead him astray.

ACT 2.

Afterwards, Polonius suggests that Ophelia avoid Hamlet and limit contact with him. He also sends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to follow Hamlet and report his strange behavior to the King and Queen. Polonius also plans to hide behind a curtain when Hamlet meets Ophelia, so he can overhear their conversation.

He called them “two hunters sent by the king to spy on me”. Polonius also tells the King and Queen that Hamlet has changed since his mother’s death. He says that Hamlet has become sullen, disinterested in the things he used to enjoy, and often talks to himself. Polonius suggests that Hamlet may be mad or miserable because of love. He also tells the King and Queen that he will track Hamlet’s behavior further to see what happened.

Finally, Claudius leaves the room when the game starts, and Hamlet concludes that he has been proven guilty.

ACT 2, SCENES 2 “The spirit I have seen
Maybe the devil…
I will have a reason
More relative than this”

He uses a theatrical scenario to test Claudius and see his reaction. If Claudius reacts in an unusual way, Hamlet will know that he is his father’s killer.

ACT 3.

Polonius peeps from behind the curtain and hears Hamlet talking about his father’s murder. He then concludes that Hamlet is mad. Polonius then goes to tell the King and Queen that he has discovered the cause of Hamlet’s madness. He also decided to use Ophelia as a tool to check this theory. Polonius then arranges for Ophelia to meet Hamlet in the hall, where he hides behind a curtain. When they met, Polonius overheard their conversation from behind a curtain. He hears Hamlet talk about his lost love for Ophelia and how he feels hurt by his dishonest actions towards her. Afterwards, Polonius goes to tell the King and Queen that he has found proof that Hamlet is truly mad because of his lost love for Ophelia.

ACT 3, SCENE 1 “To be or not to be, that is the question
Is it more noble in mind to suffer
Slings and arrows of outrageous wealth
Or to take arms out to sea of ​​trouble
And by opposing, put an end to them”

He also stated that death is “the sweetest ending” and that it is better than life. Hamlet argues that life is a tragedy, and that people only seek to escape suffering by choosing to die. He also says that we don’t know what will happen after death, and that is the thing that scares him.

Ophelia and Hamlet.

He suggests that Hamlet may have found something even better than Ophelia. He also suggests that Ophelia may have changed and is no longer worthy of Hamlet. Claudius reminds Hamlet that love is a fickle thing and can come and go quickly. He tells Hamlet not to think about it too much and move on with his life.

Hamlet uses Gonzago’s murder as a tool to prove Claudius’ guilt. He hoped that if he could see Claudius’ reaction as the play played out, it would give him the necessary evidence to prove that his father had been killed by Claudius. By witnessing Claudius’ reaction, Hamlet manages to get the necessary evidence to prove Claudius’ guilt.

Gertrude tries to convince Hamlet that he doesn’t have to do that. She was trying to talk him out of doing an act that would cause suffering to everyone.

ACT 4.

Claudius sends Hamlet to save the Danes from Fortinbras.

After his death, Hamlet declared that he was “the kindest and most righteous that ever lived.”

Ophelia has drowned

Laertes blames Hamlet for his sister’s death and vows to avenge him.

ACT 5.

He asked the gravedigger who was buried there, and the gravedigger replied that it was Ophelia. Hamlet screams angrily and says Ophelia’s name, then he faints. Horatio and gravedigger help him get up and Hamlet continues on his way.

ACT 5, Scene 1 “The skull has a tongue in it, and can sing once… It may be the pate of politicians, whose ass is now-reaching; who will shun God”.

He wondered if there was a way to avoid death, and if not, what to do with our lives. He thought about how we should use our time wisely and make the right choices in our lives. He also questioned the moral and ethical values ​​that underlie human life.

Laertes admits that he has been wrong and apologizes to Hamlet. After that, Laertes slaughters himself over Ophelia’s corpse. After that, Horatio tells Hamlet about the assassination plot planned by Claudius. Hamlet vows to take revenge for the deaths of Ophelia and Laertes. In the end, Claudius dies from the poison given by Hamlet. Thus, Ophelia’s funeral procession ends with the death of Claudius and the settlement of the problem between Hamlet and Laertes.

Hamlet tells Horatio that he has managed to escape from Elsinore and met Fortinbras on the way. He tells how he persuaded Fortinbras to give up his war with Denmark, and how he convinced him to take his army to Poland. Hamlet also informs Horatio that he has sent a letter to Claudius stating that he will be returning to Denmark soon.

He refuses to fight Laertes, but eventually agrees because he knows that it is the only way to expose Claudius’ evil plans.

King Claudius

Hamlet orders Horatio to tell his story to the King and Queen of Denmark. He also asked Horatio to tell Fortinbras about how he died with honor. After that, Hamlet dies at the hands of Horatio.

He also ordered that all persons associated with this tragedy be honored and respected.

Hamlet’s Essay Writing Guide

Hamlet’s theme

Hamlet realizes that death is certain, and he must decide whether to accept or reject it. Another theme associated with this iconic game is the theme of truth. Hamlet struggles to find the truth behind his father’s murder, and he also struggles to find the truth about himself. Another theme related to this iconic game is the theme of love. The love between Hamlet and Ophelia is one of the important aspects of the story, and the two struggle to keep it alive despite their increasingly complicated situation.

This creates a conflict between Hamlet and Claudius, who tries to defend his honor in the wrong way. Ultimately, this leads to a tragedy involving many people.

When Hamlet realizes that his code of ethics conflicts with the idea of ​​revenge, he tries to find a middle ground. He decides to take the necessary action to get his revenge, but only after he is convinced that Claudius is his father’s killer. This allows him to avoid violating his religious code and still do what it takes to get his revenge. It also gives him time to think about the moral impact of his actions before he actually carries them out.

This caused many people to feel uncomfortable with their appearance. They strive to live up to what other people expect of them to look like, but the reality is that they can’t always do it. This poses a problem for people who want to be themselves and not be swayed by the views of others.

This causes Hamlet to be very skeptical about women. He also thought that women did not deserve the same rights as men, and he thought that they should be subservient to men. However, at the end of the story, we see that Hamlet has learned to respect women and treat them with respect.

This can be an interesting subject to study, as it aids understanding of how social values ​​develop and change over time. In addition, the history of the village can also be expanded to see how this game has developed and adapted to modern culture. How did people in the past play hamlet and how do people play it today? What is the difference between the traditional and modern versions? What is the impact on social values? All of these questions can be interesting topics to study.

Symbolism in the village

Another symbol used is the cat. Cats are considered a symbol of good luck and happiness, and they often appear at times when the main character is going through hard times. Another symbol used is the flower. Flowers are usually understood as a symbol of love, and they often appear in moments when the main character is having a happy time. Apart from that, this drama also uses natural symbols to represent certain feelings or situations. For example, rain is usually understood as a tragic or sad symbol, and wind is usually understood as a symbol of hope or optimism.

For an in-depth look at symbolism, check out our articles: «What is the symbolism? Reviewing examples in literature »

Poison depicts the moral corruption that has spread throughout the royal family, and has finally brought them all to a tragic end.

Weather can also be used to describe certain characters or situations. For example, when Romeo and Juliet meet in the park, the weather is sunny and beautiful, describing their happiness. However, when they parted ways, bad weather and rain made the situation tragic.

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