• general formatting of your paper;
  • providing in-text citations;
  • Make a reference list.

These rules cover the use of quotation marks, writing titles, and formatting for reference lists. This rule also includes using the Harvard style to cite other sources in the text. This includes the use of parentheses and quotation marks, as well as the correct formatting of the author’s name and year of publication.

What is the Harvard style?

This format also allows authors to include figures, tables and graphs to support their arguments.

11. Psychology 12. Education 13. Sociology 14. Economics 15. Politics 16. Law 17. Culture and Arts 18. Technology and Innovation

  1. Literature
  2. Behavioral science
  3. Philosophy

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Paper formatting guidelines

General rule

  • 1 inch margins on all sides.
  • Times New Roman or Arial 12 PT. is the recommended font.
  • Double spacing between lines.
  • Text is aligned to the left.
  • The first line of each paragraph is indented by 0.5″.
  • The title in the middle of your first page is right in front of the text.
  • Headers and page numbers (see below).
  • This paper may include subheadings (dividing it into sections), title pages, Outline (Your paper plan), and/or list of references (see below).

Title, Header, and Page Number

  • Place the title before your paper text and make it aligned. Capitalize all major words, for example: How to write an essay . Articles, short words and prepositions are not capitalized. Don’t make your title indented, italicized, underlined, or bold.
  • Include the page number in the header of your paper, at the top right corner of the page.
  • Place your last name in the header just before the page number.


Writers should also ensure that they use precise and simple sentences. Sentences that are too long or complex can cause readers to lose focus and reduce the effectiveness of writing.

Title Page Formatting

  • Title of your paper, written on all caps. It should be centered and positioned about a third of the way down the lawn.
  • Your name should be centered and placed about half the page.
  • Two-thirds of the way down the page, place the centered name and number of your course. Then (on the next line) your professor’s name, then (again on the following line) your university name, and, finally, the date on the line after that.