Jeremy Finch is Scout’s brother and the eldest child of Atticus Finch. He is 11 years old when the story begins, and 13 years old when the story ends. Jem was a kind, passionate boy who loved his little brother very much. He is also very close to his father, Atticus, and takes lessons in justice from him. Jem plays an important role in this novel because he is an example of how young people can learn about justice and tolerance through their own observations. He is also an example of how one can remain firm in a difficult situation. Although Jem initially disapproves of his father’s dealings with the problem of racism in the town of Maycomb, he eventually learns the values ​​of justice his father taught him. This is reflected in the way he respects Tom Robinson even though he disagrees with the judge’s decision involving Tom. As Jem grew up, he also began to pay attention to other social problems in the city of Maycomb such as gender and economic inequality. This is reflected in the way he talks about Boo Radley and how the people of the town act on each other to make Boo’s life easier. In this novel, Jem is an example of how someone can learn the values ​​of justice and tolerance through their own observations. He is also an example of how someone can remain firm in a difficult situation and pay attention to other social problems in their environment.

Short summary

This novel tells about the life of Scout and Jem in Maycomb, which is filled with racism and discrimination. They both befriend Dill Harris, a boy who lives in their neighbour’s house. Together, they go on various adventures and explorations. This novel also tells about how Atticus Finch defends Tom Robinson, an African-American man who is accused of raping Mayella Ewell. Even though Atticus knows that Tom is innocent, he still has to fight against the racism and discrimination that exists in the Maycomb community. At the end of the novel, Scout learns about tolerance and human rights after she witnesses how her father defends Tom Robinson even though everyone else in town is against him.

The Finch Family: Scout, Atticus and Jem

Atticus became a hero to his children because he was a man of courage and morality. He stood up for Tom Robinson, a black man accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Even though Atticus knows he will lose in court, he fights for Tom’s rights anyway. This inspires Scout and Jem to respect others and stand up for what is right. Atticus also teaches his children moral lessons about tolerance and empathy. He taught them not to judge others just because of their background or their social status. He also taught them the importance of showing respect for everyone, including Boo Radley. Ultimately, Atticus is an example to his children of the good and moral way of life.

Atticus uses his legal skills to help Tom Robinson, but he also uses his intelligence to teach Scout and Jem about human rights and how one should treat everyone fairly. He set a good example by being respectful towards everyone, regardless of their race or social background. In this way, Atticus taught his children the importance of tolerance and equality in society.

Atticus Finch and Tom Robinson in court

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Jem Finch Character Analysis

Jem Finch is an 11 year old boy full of wit, simplicity, and courage. She has an optimistic nature and dares to face life’s challenges. He also cares deeply for others and has strong empathy. He is also very passionate about learning and finding out more about the world around him.



Atticus appreciated Jem’s bravery and complimented him. He also realized that Jem had done something brave to honor his father.


He also becomes a good friend to Scout and gives him advice on how he should behave at school. Jem also helped Scout understand a lot about the world outside of school, including civic rights and human rights. He also teaches Scout about tolerance and how important it is not to judge others.

Jem and Scout.

“You beat him, Scout. I’ve never seen anything funnier than that.”

“Atticus was a man, just like me!” (p. 238)

“I thought, if I stay in the house for years without ever going out I’m going to go crazy. I can’t imagine what it’s like. What’s keeping him there? Is he scared? What’s outside that house that makes him so?” Afraid?”

“That’s what I thought too,” he said finally, “when I was your age. If there’s only one kind of people, why can’t they get along with each other? If they’re all the same, why do they go out of their way to hate each other?” Scout, I think I’m starting to understand something. I think I’m starting to understand why Boo Radley has been staying in the house all this time… it’s because he wants to stay inside.” (p. 578)
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“Jem realized that Maycomb wasn’t who she thought she was. He realized that there were people there who didn’t care about justice and law, but only about racism and injustice. He also realized that Tom Robinson would not get justice in court because of his skin color.”

“I always thought the people of Maycomb were the nicest people in the world, at least that’s what it looked like.” (p. 486)

Jem taught Scout many things about life and helped her grow into a good woman. She also gave him some valuable advice on how to deal with people and how to deal with problems.

Scout finch.

He also suggested to Radley to lock Knothole and make it inaccessible to anyone.


“Jem is a very brave kid. He’s always looking for ways to entertain himself, and he’s not afraid to try new things.”

“Jem never in his life bowed down to dare.” (p. 41)

He also has the ability to face problems and find the right solutions. Jem is brave, determined, and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Character roles and their impact

Jem realized he had to fight for truth and justice, even if it meant facing overwhelming fear. He also learned that there are times to defend yourself and times to give up.

Jeremy Finch.

Jem realized that he had to fight to maintain his kindness and respect, even if others didn’t. He also realized that he had to be careful with how he treated other people, because he knew that it would have a significant impact on them.

Jem is a good example to readers of how to be brave and open-minded. He also showed that young people can make a difference in this world.

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