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This novel has been published in more than 50 countries.

Overview: Lord of the Flies at a glance

Mr fly character

He was also responsible for killing several members of the group and kidnapping children.

If so, you should find out if the boy has access to appropriate health services. You should also find out if the boy has enough social support to help them deal with their problems.

“Lord of the Flies” Study Guide: Key Facts

  1. This book was created as a response to another novel, “The Coral Island”, published in 1857 by Robert Michael Ballantyne. However, in “Lord of the Flies,” events are the absolute opposite.
  2. The youngest kids are the first to notice the mysterious “Beastie” (Chapter 2) on the island and the older boys make fun of them. In the end, it turned out that some of the older boys were monsters that everyone was afraid of.
  3. Simon is the one who gave the pig’s head mounted on a stick its nickname – “Lord of the Flies”
  4. It’s unclear how many boys are on the island in LOTF (“Lord of the Flies”). Two of them, Piggy and Simon, fall victim to the hunters’ violence and die.
  5. The text language has a lot of juvenile slang, which makes it more realistic. Younger children are called “Littluns”: “They talk and scream. Littluns. ” (Part 3); And the older boys were called “biguns”.
  6. The main “Lord of the Flies” themes are the role of civilization, the integrity of the human soul, and the emergency of values. This text serves as an excellent resource for essays on friendship, the difficult process of becoming a young man, civil order, and the mind’s reaction to difficult circumstances.

“Lord of the Flies” summary and analysis

Summary of Chapter 1: Shell sound

This shows that adults should always be around children and make sure that they don’t do anything unwanted. Parents should also provide education on how to resolve conflicts peacefully and avoid fights.

Chapter 1: “ In the color of the shell is deep cream, touched here and there with faded pink. Between the point, worn into a pinhole, and the pink lip, lay eighteen inches of shell with a slight spiral twist and capped with a subtle, embossed pattern.

Afterwards, the family throws a party to celebrate their return. This party usually takes the form of a dinner together and many people attend to congratulate them. This party is also usually filled with music and dance, as well as fun games.

Jack and Ralph

Chapter 1: “ I have to be the head… because I am the chorister and the head boy. I can sing C Sharp” (Chapter 1). Ralph wants to reconcile with Jack and offers his leadership of the Choir Boys: “Jack is in charge of the choir. They can – what do you want?

Chapter 2 Summary: Fire on the mountain

Chapter 2: “ We are on an island. We were already at the top of the mountain and saw water all round. We saw no houses, no smoke, no footprints, no boats, no people. We are on an uninhabited island with no other people on it

Chapter 2: “ This is our island. It’s a nice island. Until the adults come to pick us up, we’re going to have fun” (Chapter 2). do about the snake-thing

Chapter 2: “ You can’t have a beastie, a snake, on an island this size…you only get it in big countries, like Africa, or India

Chapter 2: “ Ralph, I’ll split up my chorus-hunters, that’s in the group, and we’ll be in charge of keeping the fires going

Summary of Chapter 3: Shack on the beach

Part 3: “ There’s a growing tacit opinion among the biguns that Piggy is an outsider, not just with the accent, which is fine, but with the fat, and butt, and specs, and a certain penchant for manual labor.

Chapter 4 summary: Painted face and long hair

Chapter 4: “ For hunting. Like in war. You know-dazzle cat. Like things trying to look like something else


Summary of Chapter 5: The beast from the water

Chapter 5: “ … Littluns was no longer silent. They are reminded of their personal grief; And perhaps feel themselves to share in universal grief. They start crying in sympathy, two of which are as loud as Percival” (Chapter 5). The meeting devolves into chaos. Ralph, Piggy and Simon discuss the need for adults: “Adults know things… they are not afraid of the dark. They would meet and drink tea and discuss. Then things ‘ud be fine

Chapter 6 summary: Beast from the air

They hope that the war will end soon and they can return to normal life.

Chapter 6: “ … there are other lights in the sky, that move quickly, blink, or go out, though not even a faint emerges from the battle struggling with a height of ten miles

Summary of Chapter 7: Shadow of tall trees

Chapter 7: “ Kill the Pigs! Cut his throat! Kill the Pigs! Bash him! “They really hurt their friend: Robert screamed and struggled with the power of madness. Jack had it by the hair and brandished the knife “The rage was so intense that Ralph was unable to hold back the hunters.

Chapter 7: “ Behind them a silver moon has passed by the firmament. Before them, something like a great ape sat asleep with its head between its knees. Then the wind roared through the forest, there was confusion in the darkness and the creature raised its head, holding towards them a face of destruction

Chapter 8 Summary: Gift for darkness

Chapter 8: “ Ralph thinks you’re a coward, running away from wild boars and beasts… he’s like a piggy. He said things like piggy. He’s not the right head

Chapter 8: “ I won’t be part of Ralph’s lot… I’ll go alone. He can catch his own pig. Whoever wants to hunt when I can come too

Chapter 8: “ Jack lifted his head and jammed his throat gently to the pointed end of the stick which penetrated into his mouth. He stood back up and his head was hanging there, a bit of blood dribbling the stick “Jack proclaimed:” This head is for the beast. It’s a gift â€.

Chapter 8: “ You are a silly little child… just a silly, stupid little child â€.

Chapter 9 Summary: Scene of death

Chapter 9: “ Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill the blood!

Chapter 9: “ Movement becomes regular as the chant loses its first superficial excitement and begins to beat like a steady pulse

He has inspired young boys to chase their dreams and work towards their goals. He has also given them the confidence and motivation to keep going. He has helped boys see that they can achieve anything they want if they work hard and try. He had given the boys hope that with enough effort, anything was possible.

Chapter 9: “ The beast struggled forward, broke the ring and fell down the steep edge of the rock onto the sand with water. All at once the crowd surged after that, pouring stones, jumping at the beasts, screaming, beating, biting, tearing

They named a mountain peak in the Himalayas after him, and also named a lake in the Alps. In addition, they erected a monument in his honor at the site of his death.

Summary of chapter 10: Shell and glasses

Chapter 10: “ It was an accident … that’s what it is. Accident. Came in the dark – he has not yet crawled such a business out of the dark. He’s batty. he asked for it

Chapter 11 Summary: Castle Rock.

Chapter 11: “ Don’t you understand, you paint stupid? Sam, Eric, Piggy and me – we’re not enough. We tried to keep the fires out, but we couldn’t. And then you, playing on the hunt …

I will try to follow a set schedule and complete my assignments on time. I will also try to focus more on my goals and make detailed plans to achieve them. I will also try to be more responsible by doing things like obeying rules, respecting others, and making wise decisions.

Chapter 11: “ You are beasts and pigs and bloody, bloody thieves!

Chapter 11: “ Stones hit Piggy who glanced punch from chin to knee; The conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and there was no more… Piggy fell forty feet and landed on his back across a square red rock in the sea. His head was exposed and stuff was coming out and blushing. Piggy’s arms and legs twitched slightly, like a pig after it was killed

Chapter 12 Summary: The hunters cry

Chapter 12: “ The officer examined the small scarecrow in front of him. The kid needs a bathroom, a haircut, nose removal and lots of ointments

“Lord of the Flies” symbolism

It also shows that he has the ability to think critically and to take necessary action to protect the rights of others.

Chapter 2: “ That’s what this shell is called. I’ll pass the conch to the next person to talk. He can hold it when he speaks

Lord of the Flies theme

Fifth, people will tend to ignore human values ​​and increase social inequality.

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