A descriptive essay is a type of essay that describes something, be it a person, place, experience, object or emotion. The main goal of a descriptive essay is to help the reader imagine what you are describing using rich and detailed language. Here is a step by step guide to writing a descriptive essay: 1. Choose your topic: First of all, you have to choose the topic that you will describe in your essay. It can be a person, place, experience, object or emotion. Make sure that the topic is broad enough to allow room for you to develop your ideas and provide the necessary details. 2. List keywords: After selecting your topic, make a list of keywords related to it. This will help you focus on a specific aspect of the topic and provide structure to your essay. For example, if your topic is a beach in Bali then keywords might include fine white sand, big waves and coconut palms. 3. Write your opinion: After making a list of keywords about your topic, write your opinion about it briefly and clearly. This will provide a foundation for your descriptive essay and give you a purpose for writing it later. 4. Outline: After defining your opinion on your topic, outline what you want to write about in your essay by organizing the main points into separate paragraphs or smaller sub-themes. 5. Additional details: Now supplement each paragraph with additional details such as specific examples or comparisons to support your point of view on your topic and help you describe it even better to your readers! 6. Refinement: Last but not least; Be sure to make improvements to your essay before submitting it! Pay attention to spelling and punctuation and make sure that all of your arguments are logical and easy for your readers to understand! Helpful Descriptive Essay Writing Tips: • Use lots of detail – Feel free to use details when describing something in your essay so your reader can really feel it! • Use metaphors – Metaphors are an effective way to color your image with imagination without having to beat around the bush! • Use your own style – Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own style when writing your essay so that your unique voice shines through your writing!

What is a descriptive essay?

Descriptive essays use techniques such as imagery, contrast, and analogy to create vivid images in the reader’s mind. A descriptive essay usually includes several important attributes of the subject being written about. Writers must use precise language to create clear and detailed images in the minds of readers. Writers should be careful not to go overboard with details, as this will make the essay look long-winded and boring.

Taste: Jack’s coffee cup contains a refreshing and seductive aroma of coffee. Touch: When the cup fell, tiny shards of glass flew through the air, making everyone feel a shiver in the room. Smell: The refreshing aroma of coffee spreads throughout the room, making everyone want to take a deeper sip. Hearing: The sound of shattered glass breaking can be heard by everyone in the room, taking them by surprise. Vision: Everyone saw Jack’s coffee cup messy on the floor, with small shards of glass scattered about.

To write a good descriptive essay, you must be knowledgeable about the subject you are writing about. This means that you should do your research and read as much as you can about the topic. If you don’t know anything about the subject, you should seek information from a reliable source. In addition, it is important to use the right words to describe objects or experiences. Use strong, clear words to give readers a visual image. Also, make sure that you use lots of detail to give a clearer picture of what you are describing. When writing a descriptive essay, make sure that you keep it simple and easy to understand. Don’t use long sentences or abstract sentences; use short, clear sentences in an effective way. Also, make sure that each paragraph has its own purpose and relates to the other paragraphs in the essay. Last but not least, make sure that your descriptive essay ends with a clear main point or final message. This is the most important part of the essay; this is the part where the reader will get the gist of what you have written before. Thus, make sure that your main point or final message is something that is truly relevant to the topic and purpose of your essay.

The difference between a description and a descriptive essay

Problems that can be described in your paper

  • Somebody. In this writing, you can talk about a person. This can range from simply writing about their appearance to more complex descriptions such as the actions, behavior, moods and qualities of your chosen individual.
  • A place. The main thing you should do when describing a place in your work is describe it attractively and originally. Your readers should feel, for example, the beauty of the cities of your choice – perhaps New York or Rome.
  • An event. Here you need to describe the story of what happened. It could be a final vacation, concert, wedding, anniversary, summer music festival, graduation day or so on.
  • An animal. In this type, you need to depict the animal. This may be his appearance, behavior or biology.
  • A job. Here you need to write about work or work.
  • Behavior. This is the kind of descriptive writing you should do if you want to write about someone’s behavior. Maybe you want to describe your friend’s strange behavior, or highlight how certain people act under different circumstances.

Two classic approaches to descriptive essays

1. Personal essay

I just spent a month in India. My experience there was the most memorable in my life. I was blown away by its natural beauty, rich culture and friendly people. When I arrived in Delhi, I felt so much different from home. The atmosphere of the city was very busy and bustling with the sound of cars honking and people screaming. However, when I see smiling faces on the street, I feel so comfortable and safe. I also visited several places like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Every place has its own beauty that makes this heart melt. I was blown away by their incredible architecture and beautiful details. Plus, the Indian food is one of my favorite things about this trip. The spicy taste makes my tongue vibrate! Besides that, Indian people are very friendly and warm when they welcome foreign guests like me. They are always ready to help or provide information about anything you need. This experience has taught me many lessons about Indian culture and how to live well without having to sacrifice one’s own moral values. This is the main reason why this experience was so memorable for me!

1. How did I find the strength to continue my education after having severe health problems. 2. How have I managed to overcome shyness and fear when starting something new. 3. How have I managed to change my negative self-image and see myself in a more positive light. 4. How I got through financial problems and learned to live frugally. 5. How can I overcome physical and mental limitations to achieve my life goals. 6. How have I managed to build good relationships with other people despite our differences in culture or social background. 7. How have I managed to accept failure as part of the learning process and get back up again after falling to the bottom.

  • Describes the experience of swimming in the Azure Sea in summer
  • Describe your favorite movies and their impact on you
  • Reflecting on your birthday and all the things that have shaped you in the past

2. Formal description

Good descriptive writing should combine both of these approaches. You should use clear and accurate language to describe your subject, but also ensure that your writing remains interesting to readers. Use the right words and beautiful pictures to give a visual picture of what you are describing. Don’t forget to keep it simple and easy to understand.

1. Organizational Structure 2. Operational Procedures 3. Policies and Standards 4. Quality Management System 5. Business Process 6. Information Technology 7. Work Environment 8. Security Policy 9. Privacy Policy 10. Professional Ethics

  • Descriptive essay about climate change, politics or historical events.
  • A news that gives a summary of an event or information about the place where it happened.

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Descriptive essay topics & ideas

1. Nightlife by the beach 2. Beautiful mountain views 3. Your favorite zoo 4. Sounds of nature in the jungle 5. Trips to amazing tourist spots 6. Typical food of your region 7. A memorable holiday 8. The atmosphere at a big city 9. A memorable birthday party 10. The view from your home window

Describe a person

I will choose my sister, Sarah. She is a passionate and dedicated mother, who has changed her life in an extraordinary way. She has spent years educating her children and guiding them to a better life. She is also an inspirational example for the women around her as she has achieved so much without the help of others. He is also very concerned about the environment and does a lot to ensure that he contributes to protecting the environment. Sarah is a true example of how one can achieve their goals with hard work and dedication.

Example: Why my father is my favorite person.
How Kim Kardashian changed my life.

Describe an object or place

My Middle School My high school has a special connection to me. Here, I learn about life, friendship, and love. I also learned about a better way of thinking and how to deal with problems in a more appropriate way. This school gave me a place to grow and develop as an adult. I have many fond memories here, from live music to sporting events. This school is a place where I can find myself and develop the ability to live in the real world. Playgrounds Playgrounds have a special connection to me. Here, I can let go of all the pressure and stress that is in my life. I can jump on the trampoline, ride the slide, or just sit by the river and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. This park is also a favorite place for children to play adventures and make up new stories every day. I have so many sweet memories here, from playing in the water to eating ice cream with my school friends. Spooky Doll Toys Spooky doll toys have a special connection to me. This is the toy that used to scare me when I was a kid. The toy looks very scary with its sinister smiling face and long jet black hair. Even though I know it’s just a normal toy, I still feel scared when I see it! The toys have provided some funny moments when I was a child – though they weren’t always comfortable – but have also taught me some important lessons about how to be careful with things that are unfamiliar or foreign to me.

Example: My native city – Paris
My trip to London

Describe emotions

A sincere and painful anger. That is the feeling I experience when I see people around me suffering from injustice. I felt a heat in my chest, and pain in my heart. The pain comes from personal experience, but also from seeing another person unable to stand up for himself. When I see helpless people being suppressed by greater forces, this anger becomes even stronger. I felt a pressure in my chest as I watched them being forced to give in to other people’s wishes for no apparent reason. I get frustrated when they have to put up with bad treatment without being able to fight back or defend it themselves. This anger is not only about personal anger, it is also about solidarity with others. It’s a very strong and genuine emotion, and that’s what makes it so memorable to me. It is a feeling that gives energy to fight for the rights of every individual to live freely and safely without any discrimination.

Hate and love – how are they similar

Descriptive Essay About Sunrise The sunrise is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring sights I have ever seen. When I stood on the shore, I felt a fresh breeze blowing from the sea. The sound of the waves crashing on the beach makes the atmosphere even more romantic. Sunlight began to appear on the eastern horizon, spreading colors across the sky. Oranges and pinks traverse the sky, giving it a timeless and beautiful feel. The sun’s rays illuminate the beach brilliantly, making the sea water appear to glisten. That’s when I feel very calm and peaceful. As the sun continues to rise, the bright colors begin to change to soft pastel colors. The sky changes from orange to mauve, light blue, and finally clear white. Meanwhile, the sunlight grew stronger and warmer as it rose higher in the sky. With this warm sunshine, I feel so comfortable and relaxed while looking at this beautiful sight. Apart from seeing this beautiful scene with my naked eyes, I also listen to the beautiful sounds of nature when the sun rises in the sky. The sound of birds chirping in the trees near the beach makes the atmosphere more romantic and peaceful. Meanwhile, the gentle breeze blowing from the sea gave me a comfortable cold sensation. Sunrise is one of the natural scenery that is very beautiful and amazing to me. This sight not only provides a beautiful visual sight but also an auditory and tactile sensation that is so comfortable for me while looking at it

Outline a Descriptive Essay

This structure should include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction should present your topic and provide an overview of what you are going to describe. The body should contain detailed information about your topic. It can also include some examples or anecdotes to help reinforce your points. The conclusion should conclude the essay by repeating the main theme and providing a broader view of your topic.

1. Introduction: Introduction is the first part of a descriptive essay which includes background information about the topic to be described. It also contains the main purpose of the essay and sets the reader up for what is to come. 2. Body: The body of a descriptive essay contains details about the topic to be described. These paragraphs must accurately and clearly describe the topic using the right language and the right words. 3. Closing: Closing is the last part of a descriptive essay, in which the writer concludes or provides suggestions about the topic that has been described. This is also a place where the writer can put his message or idea to the reader.

  • Punishment hooks
  • Context / background information
  • thesis statement
  • body paragraph
  • Topic Sentence
  • Sensory details.
  • Actual details
  • A conclusion
  • Summary of all main points
  • Decisive statement

The description will give you an idea of ​​what should be accomplished and how the character or object should look. It will also help you determine the right illustration style for your project.


The introduction should include enough information to help the reader understand your topic. This may include background, details about the subject, and reasons why you are interested in the topic. Also, be sure to include a thesis sentence at the end of your introductory paragraph. This thesis sentence will give the reader an overview of what you will cover in your descriptive essay.

1. Introduction: The purpose of the descriptive essay, as well as relevant background information. 2. Description: A detailed description of the subject of the essay, including its physical and emotional characteristics, and the feelings associated with it. 3. Analysis: Analysis of how the subject influences the reader or how the reader responds to it. 4. Conclusion: A summary of the main points made previously, as well as the author’s personal reflections on the subject of the essay.

  • Key Sentences: While the entire paper should be full of compelling and clear descriptions, capturing the reader’s attention from the start is ideal.
  • Context/background information: Tell the reader what you are going to describe and explain why it is important to you. Give them a brief context for your paper.
  • Thesis statement: a descriptive essay thesis should be a short but concise summary of the work. It should include the subject of your description, and your purpose for describing it.

1. Example of a Descriptive Essay About a Town: This is a descriptive essay about my little town, called Bakersfield. Here, you will find a city full of life and color. First of all, you will see many old buildings standing on the main streets. This building has a unique and colorful architecture, which gives the city its own impression. Apart from that, you will also see many old trees that adorn the streets around the city. These trees give a sense of comfort and calm to people who walk around them. 2. Example of a Descriptive Essay About a Beach: This is a descriptive essay about my favorite beach, namely San Diego Beach. Here, you will find fine white sand and clear blue sea water that refreshes the eyes. The atmosphere of this beach is very romantic with the sea breeze blowing gently and the waves sinking into the fine white sand. On the other hand, you can also see several small islands around this beach with lush green trees and sea birds flying in the air. All of that makes the beach atmosphere more beautiful and fun to enjoy.

Place. If you write about Buckingham Palace: “Though the monarchy is long gone, Buckingham Palace serves to remind us of the aesthetic beauty that era has built.”
Person. To describe Spider-Man: “Spider-Man’s defining characteristics are his youth, New York City, and the fact that he talks to himself more than Hamlet.”
Emotion. A piece about personal experience of fear: “For many reasons, the Dark Forest is my greatest fear, though not one I have to follow.”

Body Verse(s)

The number of paragraphs you need depends on the amount of information you want to convey. If you are writing a descriptive essay, you must ensure that each paragraph has its own purpose and focus. Each paragraph should focus on one aspect of the topic being discussed. This will help maintain consistency and storyline throughout the essay. If you use more than three body paragraphs, be sure to link them properly so that there is no confusion or contradiction between one paragraph and another.

A body paragraph is the part of a paragraph that provides more information about the topic being discussed. Body paragraphs should have a logical flow and convey information clearly and effectively. First, you must determine the purpose of your paragraph. This will help you determine what to say in the paragraph. Second, write down some of the main points you want to make in the paragraph. Third, add details for each main point to provide context and support your argument. Finally, make sure that all the information presented relates to the main topic and that the paragraph ends with a clear conclusion or conclusion. In this way, you can ensure that your body paragraphs are effective and easy for readers to understand.

  • Start with a topic sentence. ex. Orange looks familiar; It is a round citrus fruit whose color matches its name.
  • Add sensory details. When describing an orange, turn to the senses that can be touched.
  • Include actual details. Always include descriptive information in your body paragraphs. Finish the body paragraph by introducing the next one. Transition sentences are so important because they create immersion in your writing. Your writing will be better and won’t appear as if you’re reading a list of facts.


Thus, your conclusions will be even stronger and more memorable. The conclusion of this descriptive essay is that technological advances have made human life easier and more comfortable. Technology has provided extraordinary benefits for society, such as increased productivity, faster access to information, and more efficient communication. However, technology also has some negative impacts, such as decreasing the level of social awareness and increasing pollution. Therefore, it is important to use technology wisely so that its benefits can be enjoyed by everyone without compromising the environment or human rights.

1. The need to improve technology skills 2. Increased use of technology in the public and private sectors 3. Rapid technological developments From this, I conclude that there is an urgent need to upgrade technological skills to keep up with rapid technological developments and maximize their use in the public and private sectors.

  • The first thing to do in the end is to reflect on the original purpose of the work. Put the nuts on why you decided to write about this, and how this subject has impacted your life.
  • Mark the importance of details: Get some key moments off the paper. Provide a summary of what you’ve covered, and prepare your audience for a defining statement.
  • Defining Statement: Presentation is the final sentence that reinforces the overall purpose of your paper or leaves your audience with an interesting thought, question, or quote. You probably spend a lot of time thinking about hooks to attract an audience. Don’t allow the paper to escape your audience’s thoughts right after they have finished reading it.

Write and review your descriptive paper writing

1. Drafting a Plan: Make a plan for your paper, including the topic, objectives, and timeline. 2. Research: Look for relevant sources to support your argument in the paper. 3. Preliminary Writing: Write a preliminary draft of your paper incorporating the information you have gathered through research. 4. Making an Outline: Make an outline to help you organize the information you have collected and write it down in the form of logically organized paragraphs. 5. Rewriting: Check the initial draft again and change it according to the outline you made before. 6. Editing and Revision: Check your paper again and correct grammatical, spelling, or other typing errors in it. 7. Final Refinement: Add pictures or graphics if needed to strengthen your argument in this paper. 8. Paper Submission: Submit this paper to the authorities according to a pre-agreed schedule

  • Pre-write stage. Here you need to check all the sources you have and define if they all offer important information on your chosen topic.
  • Early writing. You need to start your paper with a strong, catchy hook that will grab the reader’s attention. This might include an unusual metaphor or an interesting literary quote.
  • Create a first draft of your descriptive essay. This is where you just need to write down all the words that come to your mind; You will have the opportunity to narrow down your ideas later.
  • Add details to your paper with the help of an enriched English vocabulary and online dictionaries. Use your English vocabulary to add missing feelings, such as hearing, to help make a descriptive essay leave a lasting impression.
  • Revise and edit papers with the help of different free online grammar checking tools.

After you have rested, begin by reading your paper one more time. Pay attention to whether there are parts that are unclear or unclear. Check to see if there are any spelling, grammatical, or spelling errors. If there are, fix them. Then, try to assess the structure and flow of your writing. Are any sections too long or short? Are there any sections that are not related to the main theme? Are there any sections that can be omitted without compromising the value of your essay? If so, delete them. Finally, make sure that all of the arguments and evidence you use support the main theme of your essay. If not, find out how they can support it.

1. What is the purpose of this essay? 2. How do I describe the subject precisely? 3. Are there words or phrases I could use to improve my description? 4. Is there any important information missing from this essay? 5. How can I conclude this essay well?

  • Have you provided sufficient context in the Introduction?
  • Is the paper easy to read?
  • Does this thesis relate to the content of the paper?
  • Does the paper feature clear descriptive language?
  • Will the presentation statement leave a lasting impact?
  • Are there enough details to allow your readers to get a full and clear perception of your description?
  • Does each part of your job focus on one aspect of your description?
  • Does your paper have unnecessary details in your description that could be omitted or replaced with more meaningful information?
  • Overall, if you are the reader, does this paper make sense to you?
  • Is there a problem with grammar and punctuation?

Descriptive Essay: Video Guide

†Great essay descriptive examples

Example 1: “As I looked out of my bedroom window, I saw an amazing sight. In front of me was a vast expanse of green meadow filled with colorful flowers. In the middle of the meadow was a large, dense tree towering high in the sky. Under that tree, there was a river that flowed slowly between the big rocks. At the end of the river, there was a beautiful white gazebo with a pink roof and brown wooden beams. Around the gazebo, there are several ornamental plants that stand tall among the green leaves. This scene is so beautiful and serene.” Criticism: This is a good example of a descriptive essay because it describes the scene in detail and evokes emotion in the reader. The writer also uses a lot of adjectives to give a visual description of what they saw.