In addition, it is important to know what readers are looking for. Do they want to see how you solve a problem? Do they want to see how you analyze the data? Or maybe they just want to see how you think about a certain topic? These are questions that must be answered before choosing a topic. Now that you have an idea of ​​the type of essay and the purpose of the reader, the next step is figuring out what to talk about. This could be online research or asking other people who have experience with the topic. If you don’t know who to ask, try searching online resources such as blogs, articles, and books for more information on the topic. Once you have a general idea of ​​the topic, you can start building your own arguments and opinions.

Tips for Choosing the Best Topic

What will you be attracted to?

Covid-19 topic

1. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected our lives? 2. What are the social and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic? 3. How has the Covid-19 pandemic changed human relationships? 4. What can we learn from the Covid-19 pandemic? 5. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected education? 6. What should be done to prevent future spread of the virus? 7. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected the entertainment and tourism industry? 8. Are there any positive benefits that can be drawn from the Covid-19 pandemic? 9. How do people adapt to lifestyle changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic? 10. Is there anything we can do to reduce stress due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

  • What to know about pets and covid-19
  • How Covid-19 changed lives
  • Pros and cons of self-isolation
  • Life lessons you have learned during quarantine
  • Challenges you have faced during the pandemic
  • Someone missing due to Covid-19
  • School life during Covid-19
  • Mass media and pandemic panic
  • A charity you used during the pandemic
  • Projects you perform during quarantine
  • Essential workers during a pandemic
  • Your personal achievements during quarantine
  • How Relationship Dynamics Have Changed During Covid-19
  • The things you enjoy about quarantine
  • What can be done to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Reaction to Asian Americans because of Covid-19
  • Covid-19 prevention measures, and how you apply them in life
  • How to stay healthy and active during quarantine
  • The future of viruses: a vaccine for Covid-19 vs. strong immune system
  • Mental health during self-isolation

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Essay topics by category

narrative, descriptive, argumentative, and expository. Narrative is a style of essay that tells a story or experience. Topics for narrative essays can be your personal experiences, fictional stories, or other people’s stories. For example, you could write about your trip to a beautiful place or about how you met a new best friend. Descriptive is a style of essay that describes something in words. The topic for a descriptive essay can be a description of a certain mood, a physical object, or even a process. For example, you could write about how the sun sets on the beach or how to cook your favorite food. Argumentation is a style of essay that persuades the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view. The topic for an argumentative essay can be a particular political or social opinion, a particular scientific theory, or a particular moral view. For example, you could write about the importance of higher education in this country or about the benefits of meditation on one’s mental health. Expository is a style of essay that provides readers with information and facts without having to persuade them to agree with the author’s opinion. The topic for an expository essay could be the history of a particular topic, a biography of a certain famous person, or a review of a certain popular book. For example, you can write about the history of the development of computer technology in the past or review the latest best selling novel.

We all know that protecting the environment is important. However, there are still many people who do nothing to help protect nature. Therefore, I believe that the government should take further action to encourage people to protect the environment. First, the government must provide incentives to the community to carry out environmentally friendly activities. This can be in the form of tax discounts or subsidies for those who buy eco-friendly products or use green technology. In this way, people will be more interested in purchasing eco-friendly products and services and thereby help reduce the negative impact on nature. In addition, the government must also take further action to prevent pollution and land damage. The government must impose strict regulations on the use of industrial waste and domestic waste and impose sanctions on violators. This will ensure that industry and households do not harm nature in any way. Third, the government must also educate the public about the importance of preserving nature and its benefits for human health. This education can be carried out in schools or through mass media programs such as television or radio. In this way, people will be more aware of the importance of conserving nature and the negative effects of pollution and land damage on their own health. Thus, I believe that the government should take further action to encourage people to care more about their environment by providing incentives to those who behave environmentally friendly, implementing strict regulations on the use of industrial and domestic waste and educating people about the importance of preserving nature.

The writer must use rich and powerful language to create a clear picture in the reader’s mind. This requires the use of metaphors, analogies, and symbolism to convey messages in an effective manner. Authors must be careful not to overdo or overreach in their use of language. This descriptive style is suitable for novels, short stories, poems, essays, and more.

When I was little, I was always interested in the outside world. I want to know more about how the people around us live and interact with each other. I started to investigate different things and learn about different cultures, languages ​​and traditions. I also started to develop my interest in art and music. I learned how to play several musical instruments, including the guitar and piano. I also learned how to draw and paint. This is one of my ways to express myself creatively. During my teenage years, I continued to explore the world around me in different ways. I started writing personal essays on a wide variety of topics, including political, social, economic, cultural, and philosophical. I also started reading different books to gain more insight into the world around me. Much of what I have learned has shaped my outlook on life to date. I’ve learned a lot about how the people around us live and interact with each other; how they express themselves creatively; and how they can make positive changes in their environment through their own hard work. This is the main reason why narrative is one of my favorite writing styles – it gives room for creative expression while still telling the story that matters!

1. How to become an effective leader? 2. What are the positive and negative impacts of modern technology? 3. What are the benefits of higher education? 4. How can we reduce poverty worldwide? 5. What is the importance of tolerance and inclusivity? 6. How to build a sustainable culture? 7. Is there a way to reduce socio-economic differences among citizens? 8. How can we promote human rights around the world? 9. Is there a way to solve today’s global environmental problems? 10. Is there a way to prevent future wars?

Cause and effect essay topics

1. How has technology affected everyday life? This essay will explain how technology has affected everyday life. Technology has advanced rapidly in the last few decades, and has had a far-reaching impact on the way we live. Firstly, technology has facilitated communication between people all over the world. By using the internet, people can communicate easily via email, video chat, and social media. This allows people to stay connected despite long distances. Second, technology has increased productivity in the workplace. By using tools such as computers and advanced software, workers can do more work in less time. Finally, technology has provided access to extensive and fast information. With the internet, people can easily find answers to their questions with just a few clicks of the mouse. In conclusion, technology has had a huge impact on the way we live today. Technology has facilitated communication between people around the world; increase productivity in the workplace; and provide access to extensive and fast information.

  • How optimism affects your immunity
  • Using a bicycle instead of a car improves your health and lowers your environmental impact
  • Does social media improve people’s communication skills?
  • Are people who go to college more successful?
  • Long distance relationship and distrust
  • Prevention of childhood obesity with exercise
  • Drugs and alcohol consumption are the leading causes of homelessness
  • Global Warming and Species Extinction
  • Panic attacks and their causes
  • Bulimia and its consequences
  • Portion control and healthy weight loss
  • Communication is the key to a healthy marriage
  • Electronic devices and their influence on child development
  • Peer interaction leads to improved social skills
  • GMOs and their effect on human genes
  • Consumption of Organic Products Reduces Health Risks
  • Cultural differences cause immigration transition problems
  • Freedom of speech can be abused
  • Cheating at school has long-term life effects on a person’s personality
  • Consumerism is polluting the planet

Good argumentative essay topics

1. Will the criminalization of sexual crimes reduce the number of cases? 2. Will a reduction in the death penalty make society safer? 3. Will the use of technology in education improve student learning outcomes? 4. Should human rights be respected worldwide? 5. Should the government ban tobacco and alcohol products? 6. Is climate change the result of human action? 7. Have technological advances helped or harmed society? 8. Is the use of fossil fuels still relevant in the future?

  • Should all women have access to birth control and family planning?
  • Does our tax system benefit everyone fairly?
  • Is vaping as dangerous as smoking?
  • Is consumerism a big problem for the world?
  • Does social media violate our privacy?
  • Is vaccination for everyone?
  • Do food companies control our diets?
  • Does our education system suit our society?
  • What language should be spoken in the United States and why?
  • Is the death penalty ever justified?
  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Are people abusing their right to carry guns?
  • Does police brutality have a racial aspect?
  • Should recycling be mandatory?
  • Is competition really worthwhile?
  • Does a career in blogging have a future?
  • Will people be able to live without the Internet?
  • Should everyone be involved in volunteering and charity?
  • Does the press invade the privacy of famous people?
  • Should testing on animals be legal?

Narrative essay topics

As a writer, I have experienced many interesting and memorable things. One of my best experiences was when I traveled to India for the first time. I vividly remember how scared and nervous I felt as I entered the aircraft cabin. However, after a few hours of flying, I started to feel a new atmosphere in India. When we landed at Delhi International Airport, I was so blown away by the beautiful scenery around the airport. We then continued our journey towards Agra to see the Taj Mahal. When we reached Agra, I was completely blown away by the beauty of the Taj Mahal. I couldn’t stop looking at the magnificent building from up close and far. Every corner looks so beautiful and magical. I also witnessed various kinds of birds playing around the Taj Mahal and it really impressed me. Over the next few hours, we visited various other tourist attractions in Agra including the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. All these places are so beautiful and made me feel so touched by this incredible natural beauty of India. This experience really made a big impact on my life as a writer. This was the first time I really felt how extraordinary this world is and how important it is to see the world from a different perspective. This experience has also provided inspiration for my later writings on Indian culture and its extraordinary natural beauty.

  • Your favorite childhood memory
  • Recent travel experience
  • The death of a friend or relative who affected you
  • The loss of a pet that changed your life
  • Your best friend and how you met
  • Your first time on a plane
  • The first book you read
  • The worst memory you have
  • Your biggest fear
  • Your family tradition
  • A summer camp story to remember
  • First time driving
  • The most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in
  • How do you relax on your weekend?
  • The things you love about school
  • The funniest stories about you and your siblings
  • The time you had an accident
  • Someone who inspires you
  • How do you overcome your fears
  • The thing you regret the most

Essay Research Topics.

1. Does technology help or hinder human-to-human communication? 2. Has globalization brought more poverty or more prosperity? 3. What is the social impact of social media? 4. How does popular culture influence people’s views of gender and identity? 5. What are the economic impacts of international trade? 6. How has technology changed the way people learn? 7. What are the environmental impacts of increased industrial production? 8. How do local politics affect economic development in a particular area?

  • Animal rights and how they are violated in modern society
  • Legal drinking age worldwide
  • What does it mean to be patriotic in different cultures?
  • Sexual harassment at work
  • Doctor’s negligence and its consequences
  • Hatred of evil and what to do about them
  • Pros and cons of online retail
  • How intelligence tests divide society
  • Plagiarism and academic honesty
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Marine pollution and ways to prevent it
  • Pesticides and how they affect us
  • Does population control the solution to global warming?
  • Endangered species and their conservation
  • Divorce rates among young couples
  • Family values ​​and their role in a person’s life
  • Alternative medicine vs. traditional medicine
  • The importance of sleep for a healthy life
  • Stem cell research
  • Body Positivity for Teens

Informative essay topics

1. Benefits and Risks of Digital Technology in Schools. 2. How Digital Technology Affects Learning in Schools. 3. How Digital Technology Can Be Used to Improve Student Learning Outcomes. 4. How Digital Technology Can Be Used to Reduce Bullying in Schools. 5. How Digital Technology Can Be Used to Increase Parental Involvement in Their Children’s Education. 6. How Digital Technology Can Be Used to Help Teachers Teach More Effectively and Efficiently.

  • The Civil War and its significance in American history
  • History of Slavery in the United States
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Causes and long-term consequences of stress
  • Why we procrastinate and how to avoid it
  • Racism in the US
  • Child obesity.
  • Cybercrime and how not to become a victim of it
  • The solar system and its components
  • The Milky Way and how to find it in the night sky
  • How recycling can save our planet
  • Hitler and his military strategy
  • Causes of the Vietnam War
  • The justice system in the United States
  • What is ADHD and how can it change your life?
  • Consequences of WWII
  • What is the required bachelor’s degree to succeed?
  • Child abuse and its influence on character development
  • Expressionism and its role in art history
  • Overpopulation in prisons

Expository Essay Topics

Expository essays can also be used to explain a broader concept or idea. Here you should use facts and research to support your argument, but the main goal is to convey information clearly and accurately. Expository essays are usually simple in structure, with an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction serves as an introduction to the topic and provides an overview of what will be discussed. The body of the essay consists of several paragraphs which contain an analysis of the problem or concept being discussed. This paragraph must be supported by relevant facts and research. Finally, the conclusion serves as a summary of all the important points you’ve covered in the body of the essay.

  • Why graduating from high school is important
  • The things most teenagers worry about
  • How to open a credit card and factors to pay attention to
  • Student Loans: Pros and Cons
  • The higher education system in the US
  • Why is moving so stressful
  • Why some things make us happier than others
  • How certain music can influence society
  • How to distinguish a leader in a group
  • Why are most parents overprotective and strict
  • Psychological causes of smoking
  • How drinking affects the ability to operate machinery
  • Why do teenagers join gangs and the dangers associated with it
  • Problems with getting pregnant at 16
  • Why is compassion for others important
  • How to overcome fear of public speaking
  • How physical activity improves overall health
  • The Importance of Protection During Sex
  • Consequences of doing drugs
  • How Skipping Classes Can Harm Your College Career

Definition essay topics

happiness, love, justice, equality, and tolerance. This essay should explain in detail the meaning of the term and how it applies to everyday life. Authors should also include examples to help readers understand the terms being discussed.

  • How do you define success?
  • What does love mean to you?
  • Kindness and why it matters
  • What is optimism and how does it help in life?
  • Delays and their consequences
  • Defining Buddhism and its role in world belief systems
  • What is happiness for you?
  • Establish friendships in your life
  • Perfectionism: Pros and cons
  • The institution of marriage explained
  • Defining terrorism and why
  • What is peer pressure and how does it affect teenagers?
  • Defining surrealism in culture
  • What does strength mean to you?
  • Defining willpower and how to use it every day
  • What is global warming, and what causes it?
  • Cloning and its consequences for humanity
  • Creativity and its importance in life
  • Defining generosity and how being generous helps people
  • Why hate is not the answer

Descriptive essay topics

Descriptive essays differ from narrative essays in that they put more emphasis on description and describing the atmosphere. Narrative essays usually have more action and focus on the story. Narrative essays also usually have a main character, while descriptive essays do not. A descriptive essay also differs from an argumentative essay in that there is no argument or opinion being conveyed. An argumentation essay should have evidence-backed arguments to back up your point. Descriptive essays only describe an object or place without providing arguments or opinions.

  • The latest nightmare you’ve had
  • The strangest travel experience you’ve ever had
  • Describe a museum that has become your favorite
  • The happiest day of your life
  • Describe your favorite literary character
  • People who inspire you
  • The earliest memory you have
  • Talk about one of your friends and describe him or her
  • The most beautiful view you will ever see
  • Describe a place that exists only in your imagination
  • Talk about your favorite sport and describe your experience in live matches
  • Describe yourself to someone you’ve never met
  • Talk about your favorite memory
  • The most memorable school day
  • Your favorite birthday
  • The first time you fell in love: Describe your feelings
  • Talk about the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever had
  • The best city you’ve ever visited
  • Describe your childhood home
  • Talk about an object that is very special to you

Process essay topics

For example, if you wanted to explain how to make a cake, you might start by describing the ingredients needed. Then, you can describe the cooking process step by step. This can include kneading dough, baking cakes and providing toppings. After that, you can explain how to cut and serve it. If you want to explain how to do something more abstract like making a business decision, the process may not be as precise. Here, you will probably start by defining the situation or problem to be faced. Then, you can describe the different options available for decision making and how they relate to one another. Finally, you can provide an explanation of how the decision was made and what impact it will have on the business.

  • How to drive a car
  • How to Learn to Swim
  • How to Make Your Own Movie
  • How to Learn to Cook Delicious Healthy Food
  • How to become a student
  • How to pass your SAT
  • How to Deal with Procrastination
  • How to be successful in the job search
  • How to write your own book
  • How to overcome shy
  • How To Make New Friends
  • How to know you’ve met your other self
  • How to save money
  • How to get rid of bad habits
  • How to exercise regularly
  • How to Start Your Own Business
  • How to Choose a Used Car
  • How To Make New Friends
  • How to Learn to Say “No” to People
  • How to let go of unnecessary things

Personal essay topics

The personal essay should reflect your personality and how you interact with the world around you. It should also highlight important events in your life that have shaped who you are today. The personal essay should describe your character, values ​​and goals in life. Personal essays should be written in a simple and natural style. Writers should use language that is easy to understand and not too technical. Writers must also be careful not to be too subjective or overreaching when telling their stories. Personal essays should also have a good structure. The first paragraph usually contains an introduction to the topic of the essay, while the remaining paragraphs will cover the topic in more depth. Each paragraph should have one main idea that is reinforced by real examples or relevant facts. In conclusion, personal essays are a great way to share your own story with others. It is a way to express certain emotions and feelings without fear of being insulted or misunderstood by others. As such, the personal essay is an effective way of embodying the author’s own unique identity.

  • Your Motivation for Success
  • Special person in your life
  • Your biggest disappointment
  • The happiest moment of your life
  • Your time is betrayed
  • Someone who annoys you
  • The time when you lost someone
  • How do you overcome your worst fear
  • When you are very brave
  • The time when you feel very alone
  • A special place for your heart
  • Your favorite time of year
  • Your bucket wish list
  • The time you lost the tournament
  • The inspirational person you have met
  • The greatest act of kindness you have done
  • A moment when you learn a life lesson
  • The time you were hurt by someone you love
  • Places you want to visit
  • The moment when you make the wrong choice

Good persuasive essay topics

Argumentative essays use logic and facts to make a point. Authors must present strong evidence to support their arguments, such as statistics, examples, and research reports. The author must also consider the opponent’s arguments and answer them with good reasons. This essay can be in the form of opinions or views formed through accurate data analysis. Persuasive essays, on the other hand, rely on emotion and morality to persuade the reader. Writers must use rhetoric to persuade readers to their point of view. This includes using analogies, metaphors, and similes to build an emotional connection with the reader. Writers should also use techniques such as storyline and narration to help readers feel how their point of view will benefit them personally.

  • Hunting wild animals is immoral
  • Why microchipping your pet is good
  • Is it ethical to clone animals?
  • Standardized tests are not for everyone
  • School breaks should be longer
  • Why PE is needed in every school classroom
  • Vaccines cause autism
  • People themselves are the reason for global warming
  • How can we save species from extinction
  • Everyone should engage in physical activity
  • Calorie reduction is the healthiest way to lose weight
  • Children should limit their time with electronics
  • Growing up in a single-parent household has long-term consequences
  • How does the tax system benefit the already rich
  • Listening to music slows down homework productivity
  • Every public space should have free wifi
  • When is adoption not permitted?
  • Euthanasia must be legalized
  • Human trafficking should be prosecuted severely
  • Prostitution must be eliminated

Compare and contrast essay topics

Contrast essays compare and highlight the differences between two or more subjects or points of view. This is a very popular type of essay because it allows you to express your own opinion on a particular topic. By using examples, analogies, and comparisons, you can easily outline the differences between the two subjects. To start a contrasting essay, you must choose two different subjects to compare. After that, you should do some research to find information about each subject. This will give you a better idea of ​​how they differ from one another. Also, it’s important to make sure that you’ve put together a strong and logical argument before you start writing your essay. After that, you should start with a brief introduction of the topics to be compared and the reasons why they deserve to be mentioned together. Then, write down the main points where the two subjects differ from each other. Don’t forget to provide examples of how each of these points applies to each subject. This will help readers understand your unique perspective on the topic. Finally, write a short conclusion which is a summary of all the main points you have made earlier. Don’t forget to provide some suggestions on how these findings could be used by future readers. This way, your contrasting essay will be ready to be presented to an audience!

  • The effect of coffee vs tea on one’s cognitive abilities during learning
  • Capitalism vs Communism
  • North and South America during the Civil War
  • Anatomical differences between monkeys and humans
  • Freelancing vs. work at office
  • What is better: movies or books?
  • Differences and similarities between Greek and Roman mythology
  • The education system in the US vs. English
  • Online shopping vs. traditional shopping
  • Smaller Class Size vs Larger Class Size
  • Living with parents vs living on campus
  • Electronic Book Readers Vs. Physical Book
  • Online dating vs real life meeting
  • British England vs. American English: Differences and similarities
  • Physical vs. people’s moral needs
  • Lord of the Rings vs Game of Thrones
  • Horror vs comedy films
  • Carnivorism vs veganism
  • Cycling to school vs driving to school
  • Japanese Culture vs Korean Culture

Controversial argumentative essay topics

1. Abortion 2. Use of firearms 3. Climate change 4. Foreign policy 5. Immigration policy 6. Funding for education 7. Use of technology to control civilians 8. Use of illegal drugs 9. Unfair tax policies 10. Rights human rights

  • Should abortion be legal everywhere?
  • Should gun control be stricter?
  • Should smoking be banned?
  • Should cannabis be legalized for medicinal purposes?
  • Should people have sex before marriage?
  • Should marriage be arranged?
  • Should LGBTQ+ have all the same rights as heterosexuals?
  • Is it okay for professional athletes to take steroids?
  • Should corporal punishment for children be permitted?
  • Is it immoral to have sex scenes on TV?
  • Should cheating in school be tolerated?
  • Should adolescents have access to contraception?
  • Can terrorism be justified by religion?
  • Does bullying make people stronger?
  • Should young children have access to smartphones and tablets?
  • Is 18 the right age to start voting?
  • Is cross-cultural marriage acceptable?
  • Is prostitution a crime?
  • Should smoking in public places be permitted?
  • Should everyone pay the same taxes?

Funny argumentative essay topics

A humorous argumentative essay about jazz can be a fun way to address this topic. You might start by describing how jazz is a very diverse and complex music. You can use examples of humor to show how the genre has evolved over the years, and how it has been influenced by different cultures and styles of music. You can also use humorous examples to discuss how jazz has had a profound impact on modern music, and how it is still evolving today. You can also use your humorous argumentative essay to discuss some other aspect of jazz, such as the instruments used, playing techniques, or a particular style of music. In this way, you will be able to provide your readers with a unique and creative take on the topic. This will keep them interested in reading your essay all the way to the end.

  • What would the world be like if animals ruled it?
  • What if the teacher and student switch places?
  • How will our lives be so different once we have flying cars?
  • School dropouts are the most successful
  • Why you should drink before the test
  • What if we saw the world through a dog’s eyes
  • The reason Starbucks tastes so good
  • How disobeying your parents is in success
  • Why passing your driving test is important
  • The best students are the ones who never show up to class
  • The best guest is the one that is full
  • Why I love spam emails
  • Why burning your school is not an option
  • Clowns are not as tasteful as you think
  • Why your laundry won’t do itself
  • Why you have to wear a mask even once covid-19 is over
  • What’s the worst movie ever?
  • How your gaming skills can help you get a job
  • The reason I hate country music
  • Why movies are better than books

Struggled to come up with Good essay topic?