This novel follows Stanley Yelnats, a boy who is accused of a crime and forced to spend time at Camp Green Lake, a correctional camp. There, prisoners were forced to dig holes every day. Stanley eventually discovers that there is a reason behind the digging of this hole: he and his friends are trying to find treasure hidden underground. This novel contains themes of justice, luck, and how people can solve their own problems.

Stanley discovers that he has the power to overcome all obstacles he faces and finally solve a problem that has persisted for generations. This book is a story of courage, friendship, and forgiveness.

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The plot of the story begins with a boy named Jack who lives in Green Lake. He has an ordinary life until one day when he finds an ancient map in his father’s antique shop. The map shows the location of a mysterious place in Green Lake. Jack is determined to find the place and do research on what lies there. When Jack begins to investigate, he discovers that it is Green Lake Camp, a summer camp that has been abandoned for years. He also discovered many secrets about this camp, including the fact that it was once used by scouts to train their members. Jack began to find out more about this camp and finally managed to solve the puzzle hidden behind the map. He also managed to find some important artifacts that had been lost over the years. This artifact gives him the key to solving the mysteries of the camp and unlocking the door to the camp’s past. After all the obstacles have been passed, Jack finally manages to open the door to the past and get answers to the questions he has had so far about the camp. He also succeeded in bringing life back to Green Lake Camp and restoring it to keep it alive for generations to come.

Characters: 1. Witch – a witch who is responsible for a terrible curse and helps in quests. 2. Prince – a prince who falls in love with the main character and struggles to help her find true love. 3. The princesses are trapped in a curse and must be rescued by the main character. 4. Kings who want to protect their daughters and face the witch to avenge her. 5. Archaeologist – an archaeologist whose job is to carry out excavations at certain locations to find clues about the curse and ways to save the princess.

Character hole

he made it to the top of the mountain and found the missing bag. Stanley is a true example of someone who has the strength to go against all odds.

“Higher and higher he climbs. His strength comes from somewhere deep within him and it also seems to come from outside too.” (p. 192)

He dared to take risks and was willing to fight against a power greater than himself. He also has the ability to solve problems in creative and innovative ways. Stanley is also very dedicated to his duties and always tries to do his best.

Zero and Stanley.

he took Clyde Livingston’s shoes and brought them back to Stanley. He also gives Stanley the key to escape.

“I know you mean well, Stanley, but face it, Zero is too stupid to learn to read. That’s what makes his blood boil. Not the hot sun.”
“I don’t dig holes anymore,” Zero said. . . Zero took a shovel. Then he swung it like a baseball bat. The metal knife hit Mr. Pendanski. ” (p. 151)

He has also shown that he is not afraid to speak up and take action when he feels himself or others are being respected. This is a good example for children of how to stand up for themselves and protect their interests.

“You can’t change the past. You can only make a better future.” He also gives Elya advice on how to deal with those who try to hurt her, and gives her the strength to continue the fight.

“Can he push a plow? Can he milk a goat? No, he’s too delicate. Can he carry on intelligent conversation? No, he’s silly and stupid. Will he take care of you when you’re sick? No, he’s spoiled and only wants you to take care of him… . ” (p. 47)

He would suggest to Elya to talk to Myra openly and honestly about her feelings. He will also suggest to Elya to consider how their relationship will impact their future. Madame Zeroni might as well advise Elya to listen to her conscience and make the right decision.

“You will both die before you touch the treasure!”

“Let him ask the questions,” said the Warden. “As long as I have a suitcase I don’t care what happens. Do you know how long…” His voice trailed off, then started again. “When I was a kid I would watch my parents dig a hole, every weekend and holiday. When I got older I had to dig too. Even at Christmas.” (p. 243)

This quote also reminds the reader that we must be careful in pursuing our goals, and must not depend too much on possessions. We must ensure that we enjoy the process towards our goal, not just the result.

he teaches children about English, math, and history. He also helps them with their personal problems. However, after a few years, Kate began to change. He became colder and harsher towards the children and other people around Green Lake. Eventually, he fled to Mexico to escape the punishment he would receive for having committed a crime.

“She was an amazing teacher, full of knowledge and full of life. The kids loved her . . . She taught classes in the evenings for adults, and a lot of adults loved her too. She was so beautiful.” (p.70)

He became a symbol for all those who fight for justice and equality.

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Summary Holes

Meet Stanley Yelnats.

When Stanley arrived at Camp Green Lake, he found that it was no ordinary camp. There, teenagers are forced to do hard labor every day, such as digging holes in very dry land. They don’t know the purpose of their job, but Stanley and his friends are determined to find out. For several weeks, Stanley and his friends continued to dig holes without success. But one day, Stanley found a glass bottle containing an old letter. The letter tells of a man named Elya Yelnats who has made a promise with the Goddess of Happiness to give something to others if he is saved from his troubles. Stanley begins to suspect that there may be a connection between Elya’s promise and Camp Green Lake. He began to investigate further and finally solved this puzzle.

Elya Yelnats and her Pig

Elya is a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine who left her home to seek a better life in America. He has extraordinary skill and tenacity, and Stanley remembers how his grandfather worked hard to build a new life in America. The author hopes that Stanley will remember all of these things when he starts digging his hole, and that he will feel proud of his grandfather’s diligence and effort.

When Elya arrived in America, she found that her pig had become the heaviest. He also realized that Madame Zeroni had never received anything in return. He felt very guilty and decided to return to Latvia to fulfill his promise. When he reached the mountain, he saw Madame Zeroni who was old and weak. Elya promised to take her to the top of the mountain and sing to her as she asked. After they reached the top, Elya sang a song that was suggested by Madame Zeroni. As the song finished, Madame Zeroni let go of her hand and smiled at Elya before dying. Elya felt very sad because she had forgotten her promise, but also happy because she was finally able to fulfill her promise.

However, the Yelnats found a lot of good things from their experience. Stanley finds new friends and strength at Camp Green Lake, and his father finds ways to help others with his new discoveries. The Yelnats also get happiness and peace from living together.


Stanley and his friends dug deeper and finally found a safe containing human bones. Stanley knew that this was what the Warden was looking for.

The boy from Stanley’s tent

Stanley teaches zero how to read and zero digs the hole. Finally, Stanley managed to get the job done quickly.

Kate Barlow and the Onion Man

He was eventually caught and sentenced to prison. After his release, he spent the rest of his life in an African-American colony adjacent to Green Lake. These flashbacks take the reader back in time to when Kate Barlow and Sam fell in love. Readers also learn about how Charles Walker, Kate’s admirer, became angry when she rejected him and ended up killing Sam. Readers also learn about Kate’s way of revenge by killing those who have hindered their relationship with her red lipstick. The end of this story is that after being imprisoned, Kate is free and spends the rest of her life in an African-American colony adjacent to Green Lake.

After digging, Charles and Linda found a large box filled with treasure. They also find a letter from Kate explaining that all of the treasure is hers. He asked them to give all the property to his children. Upon hearing this, Charles and Linda decided to give all of the property to Kate’s children. They also decided not to report him to the authorities, so that the Warden would never be punished for his actions.


Stanley realized he was in an onion field and gathered some to eat. He then continued his journey towards zero, but he couldn’t find it. After several days, Stanley finally found the zero and brought it home in a new water truck. He had managed to escape the camp and find water that was safe to drink.

The children realized they had made a mistake and decided to return the shoes. They rushed back to the orphanage and found Charles Livingston there. Charles was surprised when he saw his shoes, but he was also very grateful that the children had returned them. He gave them great gifts and thanked them for their kindness. The children were delighted by the experience, and Stanley knew he had seen something extraordinary.

Last hole.

The boys handed the cases to Mr. Pak, Mr. Pendsski and the Warden. They thanked the boys for their hard work and gave them gifts as a token of gratitude.

Zero, Stanley and the treasure chest

Broken curse

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Holes Themes.

1. The need to respect and value differences in culture and background. Sachar shows that different people can live together with mutual respect for one another. 2. The importance of friendship and family. Sachar emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with friends and family, who can provide support when needed. 3. The importance of tolerance towards others. Sachar emphasizes the importance of accepting others as they are, without having to think that they have to change to be approved by others. 4. The importance of commitment to certain goals. Sachar emphasizes the importance of staying focused on a particular goal, despite the obstacles or obstacles one has to face along the way to that goal. 5. The importance of courage to fight injustice and racial or ethnic discrimination. Sachar describes how young people can fight injustice in a positive and productive way, without involving violence or intimidation.

  • Destiny – The story of the Family Curse by Madame Zeroni had a huge impact on the Yelnats family. It affected all generations of their family until it was broken. Although, it’s still an element of the tale that makes clever readers question whether the curse actually exists, or is simply the reason for all the failures the family has encountered.
  • Justice – Stanley was accused of a crime he did not commit, and he was punished for it. Readers have the opportunity to rethink the modern criminal justice system and note its weaknesses. The other side of justice that we see is in relation to KiSin’ Kate and her murder. His loved ones were killed and he seeks to fight for justice in his own way and become a criminal.
  • Choice – Characters throughout the book face many situations where their choices affect their lives. Elya Yelants chose to go to America and ignore the promise she had made to Madame Zeroni. His choices impacted his life and generations after him. Later, Stanley chose to go after zero, which also had many consequences for his family, this time positive. Here, the themes of choice and destiny are contradictory: Do the characters determine by their actions what will happen to them, or are they simply fate’s predetermined plan?
  • Strength – Many characters throughout the story exercise and abuse powers. Mr Tuan and Mr. Pendanski has absolute control over the kids and their time at Camp Green Lake. They even decide when they have water – a necessity without which survival is impossible. When Mr. Tuan didn’t see eye to eye with Stanley, he feverishly poured water on the ground instead of giving it to him. He therefore shows him who is in charge, and emphasizes that Stanley and the other kids are nothing compared to him.
  • Transformation – Stanley underwent many transformations in the story. He got to Green Lake Camp as a teenager who was abused and bullied, but through a series of relationships with other boys he became more confident and finally able to stand up for himself. Another obvious transformation happened to Katherine Barlow. At first, she is a sweet and caring schoolgirl. Then, he became an assassin who carefully killed everyone who got in his way.


The most common symbols are religious symbols, such as the cross, seven star, and circle. These symbols are often used to represent certain spiritual or moral ideas. Other symbols that often appear in books are natural symbols, such as the sun, moon, and trees. It can represent life, natural balance, or spiritual power. Other symbols that often appear in books are social or political symbols, such as flags or symbols of political parties. It can represent certain values ​​or certain political views. Apart from that, abstract symbols often appear in books, such as love or justice. It can represent a broader abstract concept and applies to everyone.

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This book tells the story of a young boy named Hole who lives in a village in South Africa. He struggles to find his identity and solve the mysteries hidden in his village. The story is filled with surprises, adventures and experiences that will take you into a world full of hope and uncertainty.

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