This novel describes the tragic love story between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, who are surrounded by wealth and glamor. This book has inspired many films, music, and plays.

Jay Gatsby seeks eternal love from Daisy, but he can never get it.

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Here, you will find that everyone is dressed in a very glamorous and elegant style. Women wear long dresses cut from luxurious fabrics, such as satin, silk, and also cotton. Men wear tuxedo suits with trousers and black belts. High heels are a must for women to add a touch of glamor to their appearance. Hair is styled beautifully and adorned with accessories such as flowers or gold jewelry. This was an era where a sense of glamor and luxury was the norm, and everyone was trying to stick out their own style.

The main character of the book

This book tells the story of love, wealth, and destruction between different characters. The main character in this novel is Jay Gatsby, a young man who comes from a poor family and aspires to be rich. He fell in love with Daisy Buchanan, a beautiful woman who had married Tom Buchanan. Jay Gatsby tries hard to fulfill his dream of owning Daisy, but his efforts fail. The novel also tells about Gatsby’s friends and how they get involved in a scandal and scam. The novel also looks at social problems in America at that time, including racism and economic inequality. The novel’s main theme is that possessions cannot buy happiness or love.

Jay gatsby.

Jay gatsby.

He too is a conman, creating a fake identity for himself and trying to buy Daisy’s love. He too was an assassin, being responsible for Myrtle Wilson’s death. However, Gatsby is also a symbol of the hopes and dreams that never die.

Gatsby tries to rebuild the past, but he can’t. He spent his entire life trying to achieve his goals, but in the end all he could see was the destruction of his dreams.

He describes Gatsby as romantic, idealistic, and full of hope. On the other hand, people like Tom Buchanan and Jordan Baker represent his evil side. They described Gatsby as manipulative, pretentious and competitive. Gatsby himself is never really disclosed in this book. He is an unsolved mystery for readers. Although Nick has a positive view of Gatsby, he also recognizes that Gatsby has serious moral problems. This was seen when Nick admitted that Gatsby had done terrible things to win Daisy Buchanan’s love. Despite this, Nick remains loyal to his friend until the end of the story.

Nick Carraway.

Nick has also shown the courage to distance himself from people who are irresponsible and of low morals. He decides to leave Long Island after seeing all the lies and greed going on there. This is a very brave act, because he had to give up all ties with his friends and live alone. In conclusion, Nick is a symbol of human kindness, honesty and internal courage. He tells his story in a positive and fun way, although he also portrays the dark side of that generation. He also has the courage to let go of his relationships with people who are irresponsible and of low morals.

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The novel portrays these characters as people who think they can buy anything they want, and don’t care about the impact it has on other people. They are also shown as people who pursue wealth and social status, in an unethical way. This novel highlights how greed and greed can bring destruction to individuals and society as a whole. This is an example of the “evil American dream” topic that American writers often carry out.

Daisy babble.

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She is also a very brave woman, as she is not afraid to take risks to pursue her dreams.

Tom Buchanan.

Tom also displays a very conservative attitude towards marriage and relationships. He has no respect or love for his wife, Daisy, and thinks of her as his personal property. He’s also not afraid to exploit his physical strength to force Daisy to stay with him. Tom is an example of people who think they can do whatever they want with no repercussions.

Even though Tom and Daisy seem to have a wonderful relationship on the outside, they can’t heal the emptiness in their hearts. They are both trapped in an empty luxurious life, with no goals or objectives. They had no reason to live, other than to enjoy luxury and possessions. They are also very selfish and do not care about other people. Tom uses Gatsby to satisfy his need for attention and praise, while Daisy uses Gatsby to escape her marital problems with Tom.

Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan and Tom Buchanan

Jordan Baker

He tries to make other people like him in the wrong way. He also doesn’t know how to express his feelings honestly and openly.

He also pointed out that Jordan doesn’t have enough respect for other people, and he thinks only about himself.

Meyer Wolfsheim.

He also revealed that Gatsby was a very ambitious and courageous man.

A brief summary of the great Gatsby plot

“He doesn’t know anything about it. He thinks he is the only person in the world” (Chapter 2).

“Wilson? He thought he had gone to see his sister in New York. He was so stupid he didn’t know he was alive.”

This was the start of the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy.

Gatsby witnesses Daisy and Tom’s wedding. He then left the area and never saw Daisy again until five years later.

“She wouldn’t let go of the letter… She didn’t say a word. We gave her an ammonia spirit and put ice on her forehead and hooked her back into her dress and half an hour later when we walked out of the room the pearls were around her neck and the incident was over. The next day at five, she married Tom Buchanan without so much shiver and embarked on a three-month voyage to the South Seas “.

daisies. He takes his car and chases after Gatsby, who had taken Daisy on the run with him. Tom caught up with them and forced Gatsby to return to his house. Finally, Daisy decides to stay with Tom and Gatsby goes off on his own.

Chapter 7. Tom felt the frantic hot whip. His wife and mistress, until an hour ago safe and inviolate, were slipping swiftly out of his control.

Gatsby confronts Tom saying he was not responsible for Myrtle’s death. He stated that he only wanted to help Daisy to escape from a sticky situation and there was nothing he could do to prevent the accident. Gatsby also emphasized that his income comes from legitimate and legal sources, so Tom doesn’t have to worry about that. Gatsby also suggests that Tom focus on his own problems and let himself and Daisy find their own way.

He tells how he works hard to make money and reach his goal. He also opened up about his previous life, including his past in military school and his trip to Minnesota.

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Big gatsby theme

The Roaring Twenties.

Another consequence of rapid economic growth and sudden decline is that those at the top get richer, while those at the bottom get poorer. This is also reflected in “The Great Gatsby”. Gatsby is an example of the person with the upper hand, while Tom and Daisy are examples of the person with the wind down. They all live very differently, even though they all live in the same area.

The American Dream.

He uses his money to buy luxuries and tries to fulfill his dream of love. Gatsby is a symbol of the optimistic attitude that Americans have about the possibility of achieving success through hard work and effort. He also represents the hope that everyone can succeed, even if they weren’t born with a certain amount of wealth or social status.

Chapter 6 “His parents were unsuccessful and unsuccessful agricultural people – his imagination never really accepted him as his parent at all”

“Happiness is the result of sacrifice and patience, not the result of wealth.” It reminds the reader that while materialistic accomplishments are important, they don’t always make a person happy.

Chapter 9. “So we beat, boat against the current, borne endlessly back into the past”
The American Dream in “The Great Gatsby” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Gatsby teaches that we should respect others for what they do, not just for what they have. He also pointed out that we should be careful in making decisions and not be too quick to judge someone. Gatsby is an example of how a person can fight for his goals even though he has been ignored by society.


This fake love is a theme that pervades the novel, and shows that love does not always end the way one might expect.

Class (old money, new money, no money)

This novel also shows how social class influences relations between people. Daisy and Tom are an unhappy couple, but they stay together because they are both from the same social class. They knew that if Daisy left Tom, she would be scorned by her friends and society. Gatsby also faced the same problem: although he had achieved wealth, he was never truly accepted by the elite society because of his origins. This causes Gatsby to continue fighting for Daisy’s love, even though he knows that it is impossible. Overall, this novel illustrates how important social class is in modern society. This novel also gives a message about how people should be careful with how they treat others and how it can affect the relationship between people.

Past and future

The symbolism at Gatsby is big

Green light and green color

The green light in “The Great Gatsby”

“It is the most beautiful color, the most attractive color in the world.” The green light can also represent Gatsby’s desire to achieve his goals. In Chapter 7, Nick mentions that Gatsby views the green light as a symbol of his hopes and dreams.

“These things excite me so… If you want to kiss me any time of the night Nick, let me know and I’ll be happy to arrange that for you. Say my name. Or present a green card. I give you a green… ”

“When the sun shines on the sea, he [Gatsby] is dead.” The light also symbolizes Gatsby’s death because when he died, the sunlight shining on the ocean was a symbol of his death.

“I voluntarily glanced out to sea and discerned nothing but one green light, minutes and far away… When I looked one more time for Gatsby, he had disappeared, and I was alone again in the unsettled darkness.”
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Eye Doctor T. J. Eckleburg

“Above him, in the middle of that endless desert, were two huge eyes – the eyes of a doctor – set on the roof of an old building. They stared out with unwavering seriousness, as if they were seeing something that could not be seen. by someone else.”

“Doctor T. J. Eckleburg’s eyes were blue and gigantic – their retinas were a page high. They looked out of faces but, instead, from a pair of large yellow glasses that passed through a non-existent nose. ”

Ash valley

East and West

The contrast between East and West can also be seen in culture. In the East, people are more attracted to luxury and lavish lifestyles. In the West, people are more attracted to traditional values ​​and simplicity. This is also reflected in the way the main characters spend their time. Characters in East Egg usually spend their time partying, playing golf, or relaxing on the beach. Meanwhile, the characters in Egg West prefer to spend their time gardening or fishing.

Gatsby’s Mansion.

daisies. He used the house as a place to throw amazing parties and hoped that Daisy would come to one of them. Gatsby also uses the house as a place to escape his problems, and to think about his past with Daisy. This house is a symbol of his pride and his striving to achieve his goals.

Chapter 4 “He had waited five years and bought a mansion where he cast starlight onto casual moths so he could “come” one afternoon to a stranger’s garden.

The Mansion is a place where Gatsby keeps many secrets and disappointments. It was also the place where he tried to make his dreams come true, but ultimately failed. The mansion is a symbol of the wealth and social status that Gatsby would love to have, but that’s not enough to make him happy.

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